Mastering Project Management Professional Certification Courses

Certified Advanced Project Management Professional

REF: 0_298654
DATE: 18 - 22 Aug 2024

Dubai (UAE)


7000 Euro


Projects are the heartbeat of organizational growth and success, spanning all sectors and industries. The ability to lead a project efficiently from inception to completion is a highly sought-after skill. By opting for a strategic project management professional, you equip yourself with the knowledge and best practices to steer projects to successful outcomes.

Embarking on a Project Management Professional (PMP) Preparation Course is not just an educational journey. It's a strategic career move. Understanding the nuances of project coordination, risk management, and team leadership is essential in today's complex business environment.

This course prepares you for the PMP and equips you with the skills and understanding necessary to handle projects confidently and creatively. Discover why a project management course can be pivotal in unlocking your potential and accelerating your career advancement.

Why Take a Project Management Course:

Project management skills can significantly impact your career trajectory, offering extensive benefits, including:

  • Gain Confidence: Develop the confidence to manage projects of all sizes and the professional insights needed for a career in project management.
  • Professional: Aim to be professional in project management PMP.
  • Career Opportunities: Understand the project management course benefits that can open doors to rapid promotion.

Targeted Groups:

  • Associate Project Managers.
  • IT Project Managers.
  • Senior Project Managers.
  • Project Coordinators.
  • Project Analysts.
  • Project Leaders, Team Leaders
  • Product Managers, Program Managers
  • Project Sponsors and Project Team Members
  • Individuals aiming for the PMP Course.

Course Objectives:

Upon completing this robust project management training course, participants will:

  • Gain an overview of the Risk Management Process.
  • Identify risks affecting project quality, time, schedule, cost, and scope.
  • Apply valuable techniques to identify, analyze, mitigate, and monitor risks throughout the project life cycle.
  • Discover how to create an effective risk monitoring plan and risk management strategies.
  • Use a practical, six-step process to manage project risk.
  • Develop a risk budget based on Expected Monetary Value (EMV).
  • Become an expert in project management practice.
  • Apply best project management practices relevant to diverse projects across multiple industries.
  • Obtain the project management course benefits that lead to rapid promotions.

Targeted Competencies:

Upon completing this robust project management professional training, participants' competencies will:

  • Project Management.
  • Project Planning.
  • Project Controlling and Leading.
  • Risk Management.
  • Cost Control.
  • Project Communication.
  • Scope Management.

Course Content:

Unit 1- Project Integration Management:

  • Develop Project Charter.
  • Develop a Project Management Plan.
  • Direct and Manage Project Work.
  • Manage Project Knowledge.
  • Monitor and Control Project Work.
  • Perform Integrated Change Control.
  • Close Project or Phase.

Unit 2- Project Scope Management:

  • Plan Scope Management.
  • Collect Requirements.
  • Define Scope.
  • Create WBS.
  • Validate Scope.
  • Control Scope.

Unit 3- Project Stakeholders Management:

  • Identify Stakeholders.
  • Plan Stakeholder Engagement.
  • Manage Stakeholder Engagement.
  • Monitor Stakeholder Engagement.

Unit 4- Project Schedule Management:

  • Plan Schedule Management.
  • Define Activities.
  • Sequence Activities.
  • Estimate Activity Durations.
  • Develop Schedule.
  • Control Schedule.

Unit 5- Project Cost Management:

  • Plan Cost Management.
  • Estimate Costs.
  • Determine Budget.
  • Control Costs.

Unit 6- Project Quality Management:

  • Plan Quality Management.
  • Manage Quality.
  • Control Quality.

Unit 7- Project Human Resource Management:

  • Plan Resource Management.
  • Estimate Activity Resources.
  • Acquire Resources.
  • Develop Team.
  • Manage Team.
  • Control Resources.

Unit 8- Project Communications Management:

  • Plan Communications Management.
  • Manage Communications.
  • Monitor Communications.

Unit 9- Project Risk Management:

  • Plan Risk Management.
  • Identify Risks.
  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis.
  • Plan Risk Responses.
  • Implement Risk Responses.
  • Monitor Risks.

Unit 10- Project Procurement Management:

  • Plan Procurement Management.
  • Conduct Procurements.
  • Control Procurements.

Unit 11- Sustainability:

  • Definition, global context, and international sustainability frameworks.
  • Actors of change, environment, and climate change.
  • Inclusive economic growth, sustainability, and sustainable finance.
  • Sustainability measurement and reporting.


Whether you are assessing the myriad of project management courses for a tactical crash course or seeking specialized, creative project management training, our comprehensive preparation aptly melds strategic content with real-world application. Take that pivotal step towards being a project management professional today.

Mastering Project Management Professional Certification Courses
Certified Advanced Project Management Professional (0_298654)

REF: 0_298654   DATE: 18.Aug.2024 - 22.Aug.2024   LOCATION: Dubai (UAE)  INDIVIDUAL FEE: 7000 Euro


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