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Explore an array of professional conferences, workshops, and seminars, designed to upgrade skills, enhance knowledge, and expand networks effectively.

Financial Analysis, Modelling & Forecasting Seminar - (C 2053)

Mastering Advanced Supervisory Skills Training Workshop - (C 8003)

Communication, Coordination & Leadership Workshop & Conference - (C 8005)

Contracts: Reading, Writing, and Negotiating Training Seminar - (C 8006)

Decision Analysis for Operation and Maintenance Professionals - (C 8007)

Effective Project Management Training Seminar - (C 8009)

Electrical Faults: Causes, Analysis, Detection & Remedies Conference - (C 8010)

Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting Training Conference - (C 8013)

Mastering Heat Exchangers: Types, Applications, Design, Operation, and Maintenance - (C 8014)

Human Resources Management (HR Professional) Training Conference - (C 8015)

Inspirational Leadership: Strategy, Culture, and Change Conference - (C 8016)

International Trade Law Practice Under WTO Training Conference - (C 8017)

Leadership Mastery: Realizing Your Leadership Potential Through Self Discovery - (C 8018)

Leadership, Innovation & Enterprise Skills Conference - (C 8019)

Leading with Excellence: Conference & Workshop for Leaders - (C 8020)

Management Skills and Techniques Training Conference - (C 8022)

Mastering Training Needs Analysis and Training Evaluation Seminar - (C 8024)

Evolving Power Generation: Gas Turbines, Co-Generation, Combined Cycle, Wind, & Solar - (C 8027)

Reliability in Process Equipment & Piping Systems: Failure Prevention & Repair Strategies - (C 8028)

Procurement and Supply Chain Management Best Practices Conference - (C 8029)

Project Scope and Requirements Management Conference - (C 8031)

Advanced Process Risk Assessment & Risk Management Conference - (C 8032)

Managing, Setting & Controlling Budgets for the Business Conference - (C 8033)

Strategic Change Management for HR Professionals Conference - (C 8034)

Successful Planning, Organizing & Delegating Workshop - (C 8035)

Beyond Customer Service: Building a Customer-Centric Organization - (C 8038)

Essential Skills for Working in Teams: Igniting Passion & Activating Potential - (C 8039)

HR Compensation Packages and Payrolls Structure Conference - (C 8040)

Contractual Risk, Insurance, and Indemnities Conference - (C 8041)

Decision-Making Using Statistical Process Control SPC Seminar - (C 8042)

Creative Strategic IT Leadership Training Conference - (C 8043)

Effective Purchasing and Contract Negotiation Strategies Seminar - (C 8044)

Certified Employee Relationship Conference: Motivation, Grievances & Discipline Training - (C 8045)

Financial Strategy: Essential Finance Management Skills Conference - (C 8047)

Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanical Technology Workshop - (C 8048)

Heat Transfer: Augmentation Techniques in the Process Industry Conference - (C 8049)

Hydrocarbon Production Operations Training Conference - (C 8050)

Integrating Budgeting, Forecasting, and Business Planning Conference - (C 8051)

Introduction to Business Contracts: Practical Guide Conference - (C 8052)

Communication & Interpersonal Skills: Leadership through Self-Mastery - (C 8053)

Leading Through Strategic Planning & Innovation: Developing Deliverable Strategies - (C 8054)

Strategic Financial for Nonfinancial Managers: Empowering Planning & Decision Making - (C 8057)

Managing Priorities, Performance & Stress Training Conference - (C 8058)

Measuring & Maximizing Training ROI Conference - (C 8059)

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Mercury dynamic schedule is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that every category is being addressed at least once a month, if not once every week. Please check the training courses listed below and if you do not find the subject you are interested in, email us or give us a call and we will do our best to assist.