Mastering Human Resources Management Courses and HR Certifications

Enhance your HR skills with our comprehensive range of Human Resources Management Courses. From HR certification to negotiation training and data analytics.

Effective Influencing Skills and Communicate Openly Course - (HR 1001)

Maximize Your Impact: Effective Personal Productivity Course - (HR 1011)

Developing Personal Effectiveness with Positive Skills - (HR 1013)

Advanced Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: An In-Depth Training Course - (HR 1021)

Masterclass in Effective Internal Communications Strategies - (HR 1024)

Workplace Mediation and Conflict Resolution Skills Course - (HR 1030)

Advanced Communication and Interpersonal Skills Course - (HR 1037)

Advanced Communication & Problem Solving Training Course - (HR 1038)

Commanding Presence: Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills - (HR 1039)

HR Metrics and Analytics Training Course - (HR 1044)

Advanced Problem Solving & Decision Making Training Course - (HR 1051)

Advanced Business Presentation Skills Training Course - (HR 1052)

Mind, Attitude & Motivation Power for Professional Excellence - (HR 1055)

Effective Negotiation, Persuasion & Critical Thinking Course - (HR 1058)

Managing Priorities, Performance & Stress Training Course - (HR 1078)

Effective People Skills & Interpersonal Skills Training for Managers - (HR 1079)

Achieving Career Success: Breakthrough Strategies for Workplace Excellence - (HR 1081)

Understanding the Basics of Human Performance Course - (HR 1089)

Skills for Women at Work Training Course - (HR 1098)

Essential Skills for Working in Teams: Igniting Passion & Activating Potential - (HR 1130)

Effective Performance Management Training Course - (HR 1139)

Handling Information Overload Strategies in the Workplace - (HR 1146)

The Business Brain & Neuroplasticity Training Course - (HR 1147)

Implementing a Payroll Management Best Practices Course - (HR 2067)

Payroll System Selection and Implementation Project Plan - (HR 2068)

Advanced Payroll, Compensation & Benefits Management Course - (HR 2072)

Relations, Motivation, Grievances & Discipline: Certified Employee Relationship Management - (HR 3005)

Advanced Selection, Interviewing & Recruitment Skills (Certified Recruitment Analyst) - (HR 3006)

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) Training Course - (HR 3007)

Human Resources Development & Personnel Management Course - (HR 3008)

The Art of Human Resource Management (Certified HR Professional) - (HR 3009)

The 5-Day Mini Master MBA in HR Management Course - (HR 3011)

Job Evaluation & Analysis Training Course (Certified Job Analyst) - (HR 3013)

Oxford HRM Human Resource Management Training Program - (HR 3014)

Strategic Workforce Planning Recruitment & Selection Course - (HR 3015)

Competency-Based Management Training Course - (HR 3017)

Driving Institutional Performance through Talent Management Course - (HR 3018)

Strategic Change Management for HR Professionals Course - (HR 3020)

HR Administrator Roles & Responsibilities Training Course - (HR 3024)

Leading Strategic HR Transformation Course - (HR 3025)

Human Resources Management: HR Professional Certification Course - (HR 3026)

The Business Development & Management of HR Course - (HR 3027)

HR Compensation & Benefits Management Training Course - (HR 3028)

Programs Category

Mercury dynamic schedule is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that every category is being addressed at least once a month, if not once every week. Please check the training courses listed below and if you do not find the subject you are interested in, email us or give us a call and we will do our best to assist.