Online Courses

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Certified Advanced Project Management Professional - (PM 0)

SAP Basics & Business Process Integration Mastery Course - (B 1)

Mastering Power System Protection & Reliability Training Course - (L 2)

Electrical Power System Protection: Devices & Design Course - (L 3)

Oil and Gas Processing Flow Measurement Training Course - (EO 616)

Achieving Strategy Through Leadership: Strategy & Innovation - (ML 631)

Corrosion Control in Gas, Oil & Water Training Course - (EO 637)

Effective Influencing Skills and Communicate Openly Course - (HR 1001)

Leadership, Influence & Trust to Create Professional Strategies - (ML 1006)

Strategic Planning, Development & Implementation Course - (ML 1007)

Lead Strategic Planning & Innovation to Develop Deliverable Strategies - (ML 1008)

Leadership Best Practices: Enhancing Leadership for Peak Performance - (ML 1009)

Leadership, Creativity, and Peak Performance Training Course - (ML 1010)

Maximize Your Impact: Effective Personal Productivity Course - (HR 1011)

Smart Leadership: Achieving Strategy through Leadership and Innovation - (ML 1012)

Developing Personal Effectiveness with Positive Skills - (HR 1013)

Performance Measurements, Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking - (ML 1014)

Strategic Leadership: Developing Effective Managers - (ML 1015)

Advanced Financial Management for Managers Course - (FA 1016)

Category Management in Procurement Training Course - (PR 1017)

Effective Time Management, Planning & Organizing Tasks - (ML 1018)

Effective Management Skills & Techniques: A Comprehensive Training Course - (ML 1019)

Mastering Advanced Customer Service Skills for Business Excellence - (CS 1020)

Advanced Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: An In-Depth Training Course - (HR 1021)

Goal Setting, Planning & Decision Making Training Course - (ML 1022)

The Leadership Journey: Communication, Innovation & Vision - (ML 1023)

Masterclass in Effective Internal Communications Strategies - (HR 1024)

Strategic Planning: Communication, Measurement & Implementation - (ML 1025)

Crisis Management & Leading Under Pressure Training Course - (ML 1028)

Advanced High Performance Leadership Training Course - (ML 1029)

Workplace Mediation and Conflict Resolution Skills Course - (HR 1030)

Confidence in Leadership: Managing and Building Communications - (ML 1034)

Simplification of Work Processes and Procedures Course - (QA 1036)

Advanced Communication and Interpersonal Skills Course - (HR 1037)

Advanced Communication & Problem Solving Training Course - (HR 1038)

Commanding Presence: Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills - (HR 1039)

Effective Task Leadership Skills Training Course - (ML 1040)

Advanced Task Management Skills Training Course - (ML 1041)

Advanced Strategic Management Training Course - (ML 1042)

Decision Analysis for Operation and Maintenance Professionals - (O 1043)

HR Metrics and Analytics Training Course - (HR 1044)

Programs Category

Mercury dynamic schedule is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that every category is being addressed at least once a month, if not once every week. Please check the training courses listed below and if you do not find the subject you are interested in, email us or give us a call and we will do our best to assist.