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Achieving Strategy Through Leadership: Strategy & Innovation

REF: 631_297409
DATE: 14 - 18 Jul 2025

London (UK)


5200 Euro


Innovation, leadership innovation, and change management are the critical strategies of many organizations in the global competitive industries of the new century. New ideas, often emerging from leadership and innovation, can lead to programs, products, and services that provide a distinct competitive advantage over competitors. With the strategies for developing effective leadership and routine tasks becoming more automated, The competitive environment becomes more dynamic, and innovative strategic planning plays an increasingly vital role in determining success.

Creativity, strategic leadership, and change management generate new and valuable ideas. Innovation, an essential part of leadership innovation training, is taking a new idea and putting it to use. The critical role of strategic management and leadership is to create an environment where creativity, leadership innovation, and leading innovation change flourish.

Leadership Innovation and Change Management

Leadership innovation and change management are fundamental in steering organizations toward success by fostering a culture apt for adaptation and innovation. Understanding strategic leadership and innovation involves recognizing their synergetic effect on achieving business goals. By exploring various leadership innovation training techniques, establishing a thought leadership program, or pursuing a strategic management and leadership course, one can effectively integrate innovative strategic planning within their organizations DNA.

Targeted Groups

  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Supervisors & Team Leaders

Course Objectives

At the end of this innovation strategy course, the participants will be able to:

  • Set creativity and innovation in a strategic leadership and change management context.
  • Understand the drivers for a greater emphasis in business on creativity, leadership innovation, and strategic planning leadership.
  • Identify the processes and activities that support creativity and innovation in organizations.
  • Improve performance through executive, innovative processes and functions and leadership innovation training.
  • Develop skills for strategic leaders in fostering innovation, including project management and strategic leadership.
  • Improve preparedness to deal with strategic leadership training courses and improvements.
  • Establish organizational, team, and personal innovative capabilities aligned with thought leadership programs.

Targeted Competencies

  • Leadership Skills
  • Strategic Planning Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Creativity & Leadership Innovation
  • Communication Skills

Course Content

Unit 1: Encouraging a Creative Climate at Work

  • Innovative leadership for excellent performance
  • The Critical mass for change and leading innovation and change
  • Innovation VS Constant Improvement
  • How a Leader Creates a Climate of Innovation
  • Case Study on Most Innovative Companies
  • Innovation and current business breakthroughs in line with innovative strategic planning

Unit 2: Gaining the Participation of the Workforce

  • The G.E. “Workout” Strategy
  • Developing Creative Solutions for Strategies through leadership and innovation courses
  • Gaining the “Buy-In” from the workforce
  • Overcoming Paradigms
  • Dealing with Organizational “Drift” and innovation strategy course content

Unit 3: Leading on The Creative Edge

  • Developing Creative Potential in People and Teams through strategic leadership training courses
  • Understanding Creative People and Leadership Innovation
  • Motivating Creative Individuals at Work
  • Incubating ideas and implementing strategic planning leadership
  • Converting expenses to assets using creativity and leadership innovation training

Unit 4: Creating a Motivating Climate for Higher Productivity

  • The Ten Key Elements to Setting up new Missions and leadership and innovation courses
  • Setting Goals and Targets Creatively through Innovation Strategy course methodology
  • Rewarding Performance
  • Generational Motivators for leading innovation and change

Unit 5: Driving Strategic Change

  • Managing the change process through strategic leadership and change management principles
  • Kotter’s change management techniques
  • Communicating with a sense of urgency in a thought leadership program
  • Creating a climate of constant change and innovation
  • Successful techniques for changing people in alignment with leadership innovation and change management

Management & Leadership Training Courses
Achieving Strategy Through Leadership: Strategy & Innovation (631_297409)

REF: 631_297409   DATE: 14.Jul.2025 - 18.Jul.2025   LOCATION: London (UK)  INDIVIDUAL FEE: 5200 Euro


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