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Digital Practitioner Foundation Course

REF: 15236_296007
DATE: 14 - 18 Jul 2025

Rome (Italy)


5500 Euro


This digital practitioner course will prepare the participants to gain fundamental knowledge about new industry standards, including key concepts such as digital transformation and digital-first, as well as the structure of the Body of Knowledge.

This comprehensive introduction serves as the cornerstone for becoming a proficient digital practitioner in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. Master the essential digital foundation skills and understand the digital practitioner body of knowledge to enhance your expertise and become a certified digital practitioner.

The digital practitioner program assists individuals and organizations in crafting and managing product offerings with a growing digital component or guiding their organization through the twists and turns of Digital Transformation. It delivers in-depth guidance for the Digital Practitioner, aimed at those based in any domain of a business ecosystem, whether it be a traditional IT organization, manufacturing, sales, customer support, or integrated within an innovative product team.

Course Objective:

At the end of this digital practitioner course, participants will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of digital transformation.
  • Gain knowledge of digital business models and ecosystems.
  • Learn about the role of IT in enabling digital practices.
  • Acquire skills in digital innovation and design thinking.
  • Explore digital governance and risk management strategies.
  • Develop competencies in digital operations and delivery.
  • Master the principles of digital product management.
  • Understand customer engagement in a digital environment.
  • Learn about digital leadership and culture change.
  • Gain insights into digital technology trends and their impacts.

Targeted Competencies:

By the end of this digital practitioner training, participants competencies will:

  • Learn how to create and manage product offerings with an increasing digital component.
  • Lead your organization through Digital Transformation.
  • Work as an IT professional within any organization, from a startup to a large enterprise, employing contemporary digital practices.

Targeted Groups:

This digital practitioner course is a diverse group of professionals who aim to master the foundational knowledge of digital practice standards:

  • Senior digital business professionals, including C-level ones, must comprehensively understand digital practices.
  • Mid-career IT professionals seek to update their skills and achieve digital marketing practitioner status.
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) looking to reinforce their expertise in specific domain areas.
  • Entry-level computing and digital business professionals.
  • Hiring managers and workforce strategists focusing on digital capability building.
  • College-level students and majors in computing and digital businesses.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Introduction to the DP Standard:

  • Digital Transformation as a Strategy.
  • Embrace a Digital-First Culture.
  • The Seven Levers of Digital Change.
  • Explore the DP Body of Knowledge and Structure with the Four Contexts.

Unit 2: The Digital Individual/Founder:

  • Understand Digital Value Creation.
  • Build a Robust Digital Infrastructure.
  • Streamline Application Delivery.

Unit 3: The Digital Team:

  • Effective Product Management in a Digital World.
  • Agile Work Management for Digital Teams.
  • Operations Management in a Digital Ecosystem.

Unit 4: The Digital Team of Teams:

  • Coordination and Process Enhancement through Digital Means.
  • Navigate Investment and Portfolio in a Digital Context.
  • Cultivate Organization and Culture with Digital Transformation.

Unit 5: The Enduring Digital Enterprise:

  • Governance, Risk, Security, and Compliance in the Digital Age.
  • Strategic Information Management and the Digital Practitioner.
  • Digital Architecture and Foundation for Sustainable Growth.


The course clarifies the pathway toward becoming a competent digital marketing practitioner by explaining digital practitioner, digital foundation, and digital foundation skills. Additionally, explanations such as what a digital foundation is and its meaning highlight the core concepts that underpin the course content. Importantly, by referencing the digital practitioner's body of knowledge, participants are assured of a comprehensive and recognized framework for their learning journey.

Strategic Business, IT Planning, Deployment, & Management Courses
Digital Practitioner Foundation Course (15236_296007)

REF: 15236_296007   DATE: 14.Jul.2025 - 18.Jul.2025   LOCATION: Rome (Italy)  INDIVIDUAL FEE: 5500 Euro


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