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Business System Analysis (Professional Business System Analyst)




24 - 28 Feb 2025


Barcelona (Spain)



Business systems analysis is an integral process that entails the thorough identification, systemic analysis, robust modeling, and precise specification of the logical requirements of a business to craft and construct efficient and optimal business solutions.

This specialized domain mandates a comprehensive set of skills and a keen capacity to differentiate the process of defining business requirements from the technical application to address these needs.

Through this professional business system analyst course, participants will fortify their knowledge with the industry\'s most impactful techniques and methods for eliciting requirements from users and stakeholders, methodically developing sophisticated business and data models that articulate these requirements, and authoring detailed specifications that serve as an accurate architectural blueprint for the design, construction, and testing of the envisaged system.

Moreover, attendees will gain insights into how business systems analysis techniques can be coherently interrelated and synthesized using the Architecture Framework to guarantee that all requirements are exhaustively detailed and accurately stipulated.

The discipline of business systems analysis is pivotal for professionals who aim to thoroughly analyze and conceive pragmatic solutions that align with organizational objectives.

This professional business system analyst course will enhance the attendees\' skills, fostering a professional business systems mindset.

Targeted Groups:

This professional business system analyst course is meticulously tailored for analysts, managers, and professionals who aspire to elevate their analytical prowess and those who are relentless in their pursuit to bolster their decision-making capabilities premised on analytical rigor and evidence.

Course Objectives:

By the culmination of this business systems analysis training, participants will have undertaken a transformative journey to:

  • Comprehend the multifaceted role of the business systems analyst.
  • Decode the nuances and phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Precisely define the system scope.
  • Catalog and engage with system stakeholders.
  • Construct a compelling business case.
  • Unveil and operationalize The Architecture Framework.
  • Model the business across the entire spectrum: data, activities, locations, people, timelines, and motivations.
  • Implement diverse information-gathering techniques.
  • Itemize functional and non-functional business requirements.
  • Concoct a comprehensive business requirements specification.

Participants aiming for certifications, such as the system analyst certification for beginners, will find the foundations established in this professional business system analyst course invaluable.

Targeted Competencies:

By diligently engaging with this business systems analysis course content, participants will hone competencies in:

  • Analytical thinking.
  • In-depth analysis of data.
  • Problem-solving acumen.
  • Assessing data patterns.
  • Effective structuring of data.
  • Balanced and informed decision-making.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Introduction to Business Systems Analysis:

This unit delves into the essence of the business systems analyst function, decrypts the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and traverses the gamut of business systems analysis processes.

  • Defining roles within the business systems analysis landscape.
  • Exploring the dynamics of the SDLC.
  • The comprehensive business systems analysis process.
  • Engaging with system users and stakeholders.
  • Outlining the system scope and boundaries.
  • Devising a persuasive business case for systems projects.

Unit 2: Modeling the Business:

An initiation into the art and science of modeling, this unit leverages The Architecture Framework to shape the contours of data requirements and business process modeling specific to business systems analysis.

  • Fundamental concepts in business modeling.
  • The Architecture Framework is a linchpin in business systems analysis.
  • Detailed modeling of data requirements for informed system development.
  • Business process modeling as a fulcrum for effective systems analysis.

Unit 3: Modeling the Business (Continued):

Completing the narrative on business modeling, participants will tackle advanced aspects such as use cases, location dimensions, and the synthesis of complex business and temporal events.

  • Drafting and conceptualizing use cases.
  • Geospatially oriented business modeling.
  • Modeling corporate structures, human capital, and role-based responsibilities.
  • Dissecting business events and temporal considerations in systems analysis.
  • Unveiling and documenting underlying business rules and rationales.

Unit 4: Gathering Information:

In this unit, participants will enrich their communication strategies as business systems analysts and embrace various elicitation techniques such as interviewing, questionnaires, and observation.

  • Communication strategies tailored for business systems analysts.
  • Methodologies for conducting revealing interviews.
  • Employing questionnaires to gather expansive data.
  • Document analysis and observational techniques for comprehensive understanding.
  • Facilitating workshops using Joint Application Design (JAD) approaches for collective insights and requirements capture.

Unit 5: Preparing a Business Requirements Specification:

This final unit is oriented around crafting functional and non-functional requirements documents that convey clarity, specificity, and actionable insights for systems development.

  • Differentiating and elaborating functional vs. non-functional requirements.
  • Techniques for writing precise and actionable requirements.
  • Rigorous validation of requirements to ensure robustness.
  • Components that make up a definitive business requirements specification.

For those curating their learning trajectory focused on becoming a business systems analyst or seeking elementary computer systems analyst training, this business system course lays the groundwork for aspirants to embark on a successful career as a systems analyst, backed by potential systems analyst certification and fostering business analysis fundamentals.

Strategic Business IT Planning, Deployment & Management Courses
Business System Analysis (Professional Business System Analyst) (B1097_242434)

REF: B1097_242434   DATE: 24.Feb.2025 - 28.Feb.2025   LOCATIONS: Barcelona (Spain)  INDIVIDUAL FEE: 5500 


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