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Industrial Maintenance, Inspection, Testing & Corrosion Courses

Maintenance Errors: Understand, Identify, and Manage


Human factors are by far the largest cause of failures and incidents in maintenance. This goes not only for branches like aviation but also for chemicals, oil & gas, energy, and transportation. Investigation shows that approximately 12% of all aviation accidents are caused by a maintenance factor. At coal-fired power stations, 56% of forced outages happen within a week after a planned or maintenance shutdown. A power distribution company reported that on average between 50 and 60% of all failures are related to a maintenance error.

In the past, we faced serious and tragic accidents in various branches. Maintenance errors at least contributed to all of the above mentioned major accidents. Because we are heavily dependent on complex modern technologies with high speed and large power and volumes, maintenance errors can have serious consequences in terms of safety, environmental issues, downtime, and costs. Considering the numbers and consequences, maintenance errors should be treated as a business risk. We cannot eliminate the risk of maintenance error, but we can manage it more effectively.

This course introduces participants to the skills and knowledge area of maintenance errors. It demonstrates why people make mistakes, not only in executing a maintenance job, but also in planning & preparing the job, in writing the maintenance manual and in engineering the asset. It shows how we could learn of maintenance errors, by analyzing technical failures and incidents in a structured way. And this course demonstrates how we could manage maintenance error by managing the person, the task and the team; the workplace and the organization; and by creating a safety culture

Targeted Groups:

  • Maintenance Professionals
  • Engineering Professionals
  • Production Professionals
  • Safety Professionals
  • Anyone who wishes to update themselves on the human factor in maintenance and learn how to implement maintenance error management for the benefit of their organizations

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand how significant the human factor in maintenance is
  • Explain what human factors could cause maintenance errors
  • Apply a structured approach to find the root cause of technical failures and incidents
  • Understand the basic principles of Maintenance Error Management
  • Explain how managing maintenance errors interact with implementing a safety culture and how it supports each other
  • Develop an action plan to manage maintenance errors in your area of responsibility

Targeted Competencies:

  • The Human Error in Maintenance Phenomenom
  • The Fundamentals of Human Performance – Psychology meets Engineering & Maintenance
  • Different Types of Human Error
  • Contributing Circumstances
  • Basic Methodologies to Analyse Technical Failures and Incidents
  • Principles of Maintenance Error Management: person – task – team – workplace – organization and how to implement it
  • Creating a Safety Culture

Course Content:
Unit 1: Introduction to Human Error in Maintenance:

  • We do not want to talk about it, but...
  • The Significance of Human Error in Maintenance
  • Relationship with Risk & Risk Management
  • The Human Risk
  • The Psychological Aspects of Human Error
  • Human Attention
  • Levels of Human Performance: Skill-based, Rule-based, Knowledge-based

Unit 2: Human Error – What is it?

  • Different Types of Human Error in Maintenance
  • How to identify them?
  • Contributing Factors and Circumstances
  • The Consequences of Maintenance Errors

Unit 3: How to Learn from Maintenance Errors:

  • Basic Methodologies to Analyse Technical Failures and Incidents
  • Multiple Realities
  • Subjective Views
  • Effective Problem Solving
  • Cause and Effect Relations
  • RCA Methodologies – Application
  • Apollo RCA
  • Tripod

Unit 4: Maintenance Error Management:

  • Principles of Maintenance Error Management
  • Possible measures to take:
  • Person & Team
  • Workplace & Task
  • Organization
  • Creating a Safety Culture

Unit 5: Implementation:

  • Implementation Aspects
  • Performance Management
  • Influencing the Behaviour of People to Gain Better Results
  • Action Plan
  • Case Study

Industrial Maintenance, Inspection, Testing & Corrosion Courses
Maintenance Errors: Understand, Identify, and Manage (O9133)


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