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Contract and Commercial Management Practitioner (CCMP) Course


Whether in the public or private sector, mastery of contract management and commercial understanding are key drivers of organizational performance. Participants in this CCMP contract and commercial management practitioner course will enhance the collective value and reputation of the trading parties, resulting in a competitive advantage. They will signify a commitment to industry standards and professional growth.

The CCMP contract and commercial management practitioner course integrates hands-on experience, methodical learning, and rigorous examination to ensure proficiency in contract and commercial management.

Professionals seek comprehensive contract management training to excel in the business world, where rich contract portfolios and robust commercial strategies define success. The Contract and Commercial Management Practitioner (CCMP) Course is a meticulously designed program that provides a deep dive into the nuances of contract management certification and commercial management training.

This CCMP contract and commercial management practitioner course is ideal for individuals aiming to attain the prestigious contract management certificate and those determined to become management practitioners with specialized expertise in contract and commercial management.

What is Contract and Commercial Management?

Contract and commercial management manages, executes, and oversees contracts made as part of commercial activities. This strategic and operational role allows companies to ensure they fulfill their contractual obligations and extract maximum value from the agreements they enter into.

Targeted Groups:

  • Individuals keen to enhance their expertise in the contracting and procurement sector.
  • Project managers and others involved in roles tightly interwoven with commercial concepts demanding hands-on commercial management training.
  • Those seek a comprehensive understanding of contract and commercial management.
  • Newcomers to contracts and procurement.
  • Professionals include negotiators, bid managers, contract drafters, relationship managers, commercial or project managers, finance managers, sourcing specialists, sales account managers, and legal practitioners.

Course Objectives:

Participants completing this CCMP certification training will achieve the following:

  • Verify and compare the credentials of employees.
  • Make your dedication to staff development and excellence clear.
  • Rewarding recruits can help keep them on staff.
  • Realize a strong Return on Investment due to increased performance.
  • Improve your organization's functional position and impact.
  • Acquire accreditation or world-class recognition.
  • Learn all there is to know about business best practices.
  • Boost one's status and employment prospects.
  • Show your commitment to excellence.

Targeted Competencies:

This CCMP course aims to improve participants competencies by:

  • Increase your awareness of your contractual obligations and unclear legal provisions.
  • Produce useful, pertinent, and accurate contract documentation.
  • Learn strategies, tactics, and insights to negotiate your best possible contract.
  • Utilize your best efforts to handle contracts and improve organizational procedures.
  • Learn how to secure insights from the most effective strategies for handling claims and variances.
  • Be a proactive contract specialist and effectively manage your risks.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Initiate Topics:

  • Overview of introduction to the fundamentals of contract and commercial management.
  • Execution of Strategy in a Commercial Context.
  • Define requirements for successful contract execution.
  • Analysis of cost-benefit scenarios.
  • Exploration of various sourcing options.
  • Conduct comprehensive audits on contractual terms.
  • Identification and Quantification of Contract-related Costs.

Unit 2: Bid Topics:

  • Understand the RFI, RFP, and RFQ process.
  • Master completing RFPs for tangible outcomes.
  • Adherence to Established Bid Process Protocols.
  • The Impact of Legal Frameworks on Bidding Procedures.
  • Set and maintain unbiased evaluation criteria.
  • Manage participants within the bid environment.
  • Know the acquisition of market opportunities and challenges.

Unit 3: Develop Topics:

  • Relationship and contract kinds.
  • Overview of the Terms and Conditions.
  • Alliances, Partnerships, and Distribution.
  • Production of the Statement of Work and Service Level Agreement.
  • Drafting Recommendations and Guidelines.
  • Additional Strategic Factors.

Unit 4: Negotiation Topics:

  • Goals and Planning for Negotiations.
  • Goals, Strategy, and Framing.
  • Negotiation Techniques.
  • Negotiation Strategies.
  • Strategies, Hacks, and Lessons Discovered.
  • Financial and Pricing Factors.

Unit 5: Manage Topics:

  • Communication and Implementation.
  • Performance Evaluation and Management.
  • Change Management for Contracts.
  • Handling and Resolving Conflict.
  • Contract termination.

Mastering Legal Negotiation & Contract Management Training Courses
Contract and Commercial Management Practitioner (CCMP) Course (LG)


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