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Electrical, Renewable Energy, Power, DCS Courses

Power Plant Operations & Control


This training course provides an intermediate to advanced level of knowledge about the operation, control, construction, assemblies, and configuration of the most common types of fossil-fueled power plants, in particular thermal, gas, and diesel power stations. The training course also provides an insight into the concepts of electrical and mechanical engineering, electrical machines and electrical drives, thermodynamics, etc. to make the delegates well prepared for the subject.

This training course gives a good understanding of the power station control variables, instrumentation techniques, monitoring and control of the processes, and the operation of control devices, valves, sensors, actuators, heat exchangers, compressors, etc.

Targeted Groups:

  • Power station operators, technicians, engineers and managers
  • Electrical and mechanical engineers of different competency levels
  • Project engineers and project managers
  • Power station maintenance crew
  • University graduates, site engineers, and technical crew

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the operation of power plants
  • Analyze process and control diagrams
  • Become familiar with maintenance, troubleshooting, and control of power plants
  • Comprehend the power plant parameters, disturbances and control techniques
  • Learn about power plant features, selection criteria, and optimization

Targeted Competencies:

  • Power generation theory
  • Power plant types and their features
  • Industrial plants, processes and control measures
  • Thermal, gas, and diesel generator power plants operations and selection criteria
  • Fundamentals of electric machines, drives and control devices

Course Content:
Unit 1: Fundamentals of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering:

  • Sensors, actuators
  • Pumps, compressors, turbines, fan, blowers
  • Pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Control valves and cylinders, electrical actuation
  • Theory of heat transfer
  • Electric generators, motors, and drives

Unit 2: Gas Power Station:

  • Overview of gas power stations
  • Fundamentals and thermodynamics
  • Gas turbine components
  • Construction, lubrication system, fuel system, and auxiliary systems
  • Protection, control, and instrumentation
  • Installation, operation, and maintenance

Unit 3: Thermal Power Station:

  • Overview of thermal power stations
  • Fuel combustion and steam generation process
  • Boiler auxiliary plant, operation and controls
  • Boilers and power generation
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Boiler emission control, maintenance, and troubleshooting

 Unit 4: Diesel Generator (DG) Power Station:

  • Power plant types and components, engine types
  • Engine technology and classifications
  • DG types, protection, insulation, earthing and construction
  • DG set assemblies & components
  • DG plant layout
  • DG operation and maintenance

Unit 5: Process Instrumentation & Control:

  • Process control fundamentals
  • Measurement and control of pressure, level, flow and heat
  • Electronic controllers
  • Process flow diagram (PFD), P&ID, transfer function
  • Open & closed-loop controllers
  • Operational amplifiers, analog & digital controllers

Electrical, Renewable Energy, Power, DCS Courses
Power Plant Operations & Control (L6064)


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