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Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals Training Course


This inventory management training teaches you the fundamentals to implement Oracle inventory. Learn to define organization parameters, define items and units of measure, perform inventory transactions, and perform implementation activities.

This Oracle inventory management fundamentals course is designed for professionals seeking expertise in Oracle inventory management, offering a certificate in inventory and management at the culmination of the training.

Throughout the inventory management certificate course, participants will discover the fundamentals of inventory management, focusing on Oracle inventory. The curriculum is ideal for those looking for an inventory management training course or an inventory management certification.

Upon completing the Oracle inventory management fundamentals course, participants will receive a certificate validating their proficiency in inventory management, underscoring their readiness to contribute strategically to inventory management teams and decision-making processes.

Targeted Groups:

  • Procurement professionals.
  • Inventory managers.
  • Inventory professionals.
  • Logistic professionals.
  • Oracle administrators.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this Oracle inventory management fundamentals course, participants will be able to:

  • Set up organizations that correspond to your business units in Oracle applications.
  • Define inventory items for Oracle supply chain applications.
  • Perform inventory replenishment.
  • Perform ABC classification and cycle count.
  • Define items and enable lot control and serial control.
  • Perform inventory transactions.
  • Use mobile devices to perform inventory transactions.
  • Enable dual unit of measure control.
  • Understand how to perform inventory transactions using a mobile device.
  • Understand how to define material statuses.
  • Understand how to define and maintain a cycle count.
  • Create an ABC ranking of items to be used in cycle counting.
  • Understand the overall inventory process in Oracle inventory.
  • Understand how to view on-hand quantities.
  • Understand the structure of an inventory organization in Oracle Inventory.
  • Understand the planning and replenishment methods available in Oracle inventory, including min-max planning, reorder-point planning, replenishment counting, and Kanban replenishment.
  • Understand the role of an item-master organization.
  • Define items in the Oracle inventory.
  • Understand the concept of move orders.
  • Learn to implement locator, revision, serial, and item lot control.
  • Perform inventory transactions such as sub-inventory transfer and inter-organization transfer.
  • Set up shipping networks between inventory organizations and understand the significance of direct and in-transit shipments.
  • Understand how to create units of measure.
  • Understand how to make reservations.

Targeted Competencies

Upon the end of this Oracle inventory management fundamentals course, the target audience will be able to improve the following:

  • Inventory management skills with Oracle inventory.
  • Plan and inventory management certification knowledge.
  • Understand proficiency in using Oracle to achieve MBA-level inventory management competencies.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Overview of Oracle Inventory:

  • Receive inventory.
  • Transfer inventory.
  • On-hand and availability.
  • Issue inventory.
  • Inventory accuracy.
  • Discuss inventory application integration.

Unit 2: Defining Inventory Organizations:

  • Overview of inventory structure.
  • Set up the inventory organization structure.
  • Definite organization parameters.
  • Define sub-inventories and locators.

Unit 3: Units of Measure:

  • Define units of measure. 

Unit 4: Defining and Maintaining Items of Oracle Inventory:

  • Definite items process.
  • Use item templates.
  • Assign items to organizations.
  • What are the categories, category sets, and catalogs?
  • Delete items.

Unit 5: Lot and Serial Control: 

  • Set up lot control.
  • Maintain serial information.
  • Maintain lot and serial genealogy.

Unit 6: Transaction Setup: 

  • Define transaction types.
  • Define picking rules.
  • Define account aliases.
  • Opening and closing accounting periods.
  • Set up move orders.
  • Material shortage alerts and notifications.

Unit 7: Issuing and Transferring Material: 

  • Managing receipts.
  • Perform transactions.
  • Perform move orders.
  • Perform mobile transactions.
  • Managing shipments.

Unit 8: On-Hand and Availability:

  • Use the material workbench.
  • Create available-to-promise rules.
  • Managing reservations.

Unit 9: Inventory Replenishment:

  • Define replenishment.
  • Inventory forecasting methods.
  • Replenishment counting.
  • Kanban.

Unit 10: Inventory Accuracy Fundamentals:

  • Define counting.
  • ABC analysis.
  • Cycle counting.
  • Physical inventory.

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Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals Training Course (PR)


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