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Strategic Workforce Planning Recruitment & Selection Course


This unique strategic workforce planning recruitment and selection course provides participants with all they need to know about the new manpower planning cycle, Human Resource Planning (HRP).

This dynamic area has become integral in today\'s human resources departments and, in some cases, has become a specialized department. The new manpower planning iterations require modern skills, innovative tools, and advanced software.

This strategic workforce planning course will equip you with the knowledge and capabilities to achieve remarkable results.

Through the comprehensive exploration of these subjects, participants in the strategic workforce planning recruitment and selection course will thoroughly understand workforce planning and recruitment and how to apply strategic workforce planning principles in real-world HR scenarios.

Targeted Groups

  • HR managers.
  • HR supervisors.
  • HR professionals.
  • HR business partners.

Course Objectives

By the end of this strategic workforce planning course, participants will be able to:

  • Utilize the new linear strategic model for effective manpower planning.
  • Calculate and produce persuasive results from manpower data, including predictive trends.
  • Understand each component of the manpower model, from data collection and analysis to succession planning.
  • Design organizational charts and ratios with expertise.
  • Select appropriate software for predictive trend analysis and forecasting.
  • Construct a business process map and engage in business process re-engineering.
  • Grasp the fundamental principles of job analysis and evaluation.
  • Carry out comprehensive job analysis interviews.
  • Draft detailed job descriptions based on rigorous analysis.
  • Advocate for job evaluation as an essential tool for ensuring internal consistency and fairness.

Targeted Competencies

At the end of this strategic workforce planning recruitment and selection course, the target audience will be able to improve:

  • Working with people.
  • Relating and networking.
  • Presenting and communicating.
  • Applying expertise and technology.
  • Persuading and influencing.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • Following instructions and procedures.
  • Business writing.

Course Content

Unit 1: Manpower Strategy and Organizational Analysis

  • The critical role of the new manpower planning activity in workforce management in HR.
  • Strategic timelines for effective workforce planning.
  • The new strategic model and the 10 crucial inputs.
  • Emergency planning and its importance in the strategic workforce planning process.
  • Predicting organizational change by using the land model.
  • The land model associated questionnaire.
  • Case study on what strategic workforce planning should achieve.

Unit 2: Organizational Design, Downsizing, Right-Sizing, and Employee to Manager Ratios

  • Essentials of organizational design in the context of workforce solutions recruitment.
  • Common flaws in the 21st century\'s corporate design.
  • Rules for determining manpower levels, including workforce recruitment process considerations.
  • The impact of teamwork on management levels and productivity.
  • In-depth examination of downsizing.
  • Right-sizing with a case study.

Unit 3: The Three Key Functions of Today Manpower Planners

  • Areas of strategic focus, manpower analysis, predictive forecasting, and situation fulfillment
  • Manpower analysis: the data, projections, and what is involved.
  • Critical data and software are needed to do the job.
  • Understanding the pillars of performance.
  • Understanding competencies.
  • Productivity in workforce planning recruitment
  • Essential applications of software supporting workforce recruitment solutions.

Unit 4: Situational Fulfillment of Manpower

  • The correct principle in workforce planning.
  • The trend analysis, retrospective, and projective techniques.
  • Utilizing techniques like Monte Carlo simulation in workforce planning.
  • Examining the financial advantages through manpower data correlations.
  • Succession planning - the three-option approach.
  • Group development for succession planning.
  • Individual and deputy selection.
  • External selection through workforce recruitment programs.

Unit 5: The Five Critical Processes That Support Manpower Planning

  • Exploring the psychological contract within the context of pay and rewards.
  • Innovations in recruitment: new techniques equaling new results.
  • Advances in interviewing strategies as part of workforce planning and recruitment.
  • Making training initiatives effective and measurable within workforce planning training courses.
  • The vital role of performance appraisal in supporting workforce planning, recruitment, and selection.
  • Emphasizing the importance of business process re-engineering in workforce solutions recruitment.

Mastering Human Resources Management Courses and HR Certifications
Strategic Workforce Planning Recruitment & Selection Course (HR3015)


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