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International Public Relations and Ceremonies, Protocol, and Events


In the realm of international business, Public Relations (P.R.) profoundly impacts organizations of all sizes, whether local or global, commercial or non-profit, and across various sectors. This conference aims to guide participants who are interested in or involved in the field of international public relations, equipping them with essential and contemporary methods to establish successful public relations campaigns.

Targeted Groups:

  • Professionals aspiring to work in international public relations or seeking to enhance their PR skills in an international context.
  • Individuals involved in PR and communications roles within international organizations.
  • Managers and executives responsible for managing PR campaigns and crisis communication on a global scale.
  • Students and graduates pursuing careers in public relations with a focus on international affairs.

Targeted Competencies:

  • Profound understanding of the evolving landscape of international public relations and its impact on global perceptions.
  • Aptitude in identifying and utilizing external resources for effective international PR campaigns.
  • Competence in managing crises and global disasters, communicating transparently during challenging times.
  • Mastery of local and international protocols, ceremonies, and etiquettes to facilitate seamless cross-cultural communication.
  • Skills in leveraging information resources and data analytics for strategic decision-making in international PR.
  • Ability to build strong relationships with international media outlets and maximize media coverage worldwide.
  • Proficiency in harnessing technological tools and digital transformation to optimize international PR processes.
  • Ethical and responsible behavior, adhering to professional standards and legal regulations in global PR engagements.
  • Networking and partnership building skills to establish valuable global collaborations and alliances.
  • Practical expertise in managing high-profile events and interactions with foreign dignitaries and VIPs.

Conference Objectives:

  • By the conclusion of this conference, participants will be able to:
  • Comprehend the essence and significance of public relations amidst emerging international challenges.
  • Present a comprehensive overview of external resources, commonly employed in international public relations endeavors.
  • Effectively manage global crises and disasters.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in adhering to local and international protocols, etiquette, and ceremonies.
  • Capitalize on information resources to bolster international public relations initiatives.
  • Appreciate the ethical and legal aspects intrinsic to public relations practices.

Conference Agenda:

Unit 1: The Role of Public Relations

  • Understanding the overall image and perception.
  • Discerning reflective image versus desired image.
  • Analyzing the current image and aspired image.
  • Addressing shared and multiple images.
  • Emphasizing knowledge and understanding.
  • Cultivating interest and accepting the situation.
  • Demonstrating empathy.

Unit 2: Ethical and Legal Considerations

  • Exploring ethical dimensions.
  • Unraveling ethical behavior according to the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Evaluating the Code of Practice and the Institute of Public Relations (IPR).
  • Navigating the intersection of law and reputation management.
  • Handling contracts and commercial fraud.
  • Familiarizing participants with copyright law.
  • Assessing the efficacy and continuity of legal frameworks.
  • Clarifying ownership and transfer of copyright.
  • Recognizing literary rights and licensing for intellectual property.
  • Guiding participants on interactions with intellectual property owners and expressing gratitude.

Unit 3: International Public Relations Resources

  • Assessing public relations consultancy firms.
  • Introducing select international media organizations or the National Press Agency.
  • Familiarizing participants with the Independent Television Contractor Association.
  • Understanding the rationale for engaging international public relations consultancy firms.
  • Elucidating the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA).
  • Categorizing types of consultancy firms.
  • Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of engaging consultancy firms.

Unit 4: Frank J. Fkins' Six-Point Plan for Planning Public Relations Programs

  • Conducting situational assessments.
  • Defining objectives.
  • Identifying target audiences.
  • Selecting appropriate communication methods.
  • Implementing program evaluation mechanisms.
  • Establishing budgetary considerations.

Unit 5: Public Relations and Crisis Management

  • Explaining the concept and essence of crisis management.
  • Adapting adeptly during crises.
  • Emphasizing objective evaluation.
  • Formulating crisis management plans and preparations.
  • Conducting comprehensive training and plan modification exercises.
  • Managing crisis resolution alongside the public relations team.

Unit 6: Navigating International Media Landscape

  • Managing the leader and the audience dynamics.
  • Seizing opportunities for media coverage in visual and auditory media.
  • Harnessing the potential of materials associated with documentary files.
  • Introducing UNTV and United Nations News Service (UNS).

Unit 7: Information Technology and Performance Enhancement

  • Delving into information networks, both local and international, while addressing opportunities and risks.
  • Mastering email communication protocols.
  • Articulating principles for designing and crafting effective media materials.
  • Creating dedicated pages for public relations on international information networks.
  • Incorporating public opinion polling and media interaction via email.
  • Developing databases to bolster international public relations endeavors.

Unit 8: Public Relations and Protocol Etiquette

  • Comprehending human nature and its intrinsic human needs.
  • Cultivating skills in reception and follow-up etiquette.
  • Understanding distinct patterns of VIP interactions.
  • Polishing skills in preparing and drafting invitations, as well as facilitating meetings and conferences.
  • Adhering to protocol when receiving important personalities.
  • Practical application of international public relations management in a simulated laboratory setting.

The Best Professional Conferences, Workshops and Seminars
International Public Relations and Ceremonies, Protocol, and Events (C15429)


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