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This five-day course is created to provide you the practical SharePoint knowledge you need to start leveraging the platform's fundamental functionalities inside teams and departments at your company. Although some individuals may pick up on some of the fundamental capabilities by simply diving in and exploring what they can do, these individuals typically overlook a lot of the potential that SharePoint offers. You may be confident that after taking this course, you'll start using it in the most productive manner. All of the ideas and capabilities covered in this course apply to SharePoint Server. Everything discussed in this lecture applies to both the Standard and Enterprise editions of SharePoint , even if none of the capabilities that are exclusive to the Enterprise edition are used.

Targeted Audience

  • The target audience for this training is SharePoint site owners.
  • Managers of departments, project managers, and trainers
  • Professionals at the help desk and end-user support
  • IT specialists who are drawn to features and capabilities that are available right out of the box
  • CIOs and IT managers who are thinking about introducing SharePoint to their workplace.
  • Anyone who will be utilizing SharePoint
  • Professionals typically operate in a variety of work contexts, ranging from extremely small businesses with only a few employees to very big businesses with thousands of employees and many sites.

Course Objectives

  • Create, organize, find, and share information with others with SharePoint.
  • Manage a collaborative team with SharePoint.
  • Enterprise content management with SharePoint
  • Utilize SharePoint's social computing features.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introduction to SharePoint 

  • Describe SharePoint.
  • How do I move about in SharePoint's pages, sites, lists, and libraries?

Unit 2: Document Libraries

  • How can I upload a single document or a number of documents to SharePoint?
  • How can I drop documents into SharePoint using drag and drop?
  • How do libraries work? How can I build one?
  • What exactly is metadata, and why is it superior than folders?
  • On a library, how do I make a column?
  • How can I verify the data in a column?
  • How do I build library views?

Unit 3: Office Web Applications

  • With the Office Web Applications, how can I make brand-new, blank documents?
  • How does the Word Web Application work for document editing?
  • In the PowerPoint Web Application, how do I modify PowerPoint presentations?
  • How does the Excel Web Application let me edit Excel Spreadsheets?
  • In the OneNote Web Application, how do I modify notebooks?
  • How does co-authoring work so that many users may concurrently edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents in real time?

Unit 4: Basic Document Management

  • How does SharePoint handle major and minor versioning?
  • How can I make documents in draft form?
  • How do I make a document public?
  • How are documents checked in and checked out?
  • What's the procedure for approval?
  • How can I get my deleted files back?

Unit 5: Lists

  • What kinds of data are kept in a SharePoint List?
  • Which list templates are offered?
  • How can I add columns and views to the pre-configured lists?
  • How do I make my own list?
  • How are items in a SharePoint list edited?

Unit 6: Pages and Web Parts

  • A wiki page is what is it?
  • How can I modify a Wiki Page's content?
  • How can I add layout and styles to a Wiki Page?
  • How can I include images and tables on a Wiki page?
  • Web Parts are what?
  • How can I include Web Parts on a Wiki page?
  • How may a Web Part be changed?
  • How do Web Part Pages work?
  • To a Web Part Page, how do I add Web Parts?
  • How is content on a Web Part Page edited?

Unit 7: Apps and the App Store

  • What does SharePoint App Store stand for?
  • How do I search for applications in the SharePoint Store?
  • What are the differences between free and premium apps?
  • What are the steps for buying apps through the SharePoint Store?
  • How can I incorporate an App Part into a page?

Unit 8: Creating and Managing Sites

  • What is the order of the website?
  • What traits do child sites pass along to their parent sites?
  • How do I build a website?
  • How can I modify a website's navigation settings?
  • Which website layouts are available?

Unit 9: Security

  • What are permission levels and SharePoint Groups?
  • How do read-only permissions function and what does the Site Visitors group accomplish?
  • How do Contribute permissions function and what does the Site Members group entail?
  • What does the Full Control authorization mean and what does the Site Owners group do?
  • What is a site owner and how is it different from a site collection administrator?
  • What are the steps for making my own security groups?
  • How does SharePoint's "Share" option for changing permissions operate?
  • I want to test the permissions.

Unit 10: Social Computing

  • How can I change my profile?
  • The use of my profile
  • A user's Newsfeed is what?
  • What is a newsfeed website?
  • How can I leave a remark or respond to a news item?
  • How can I post something to my Newsfeed?
  • What do hashtags mean? How do I utilize them, too?
  • In SharePoint, how can I "Like" something?
  • What are the steps for following people, sites, documents, and topics?
  • How can I find out who else is following me?
  • "SkyDrive Pro" – what is it?
  • How can I synchronize my PC with My Site's documents?

Unit 11: Enterprise Search

  • How do I utilize search refiners? What are they?
  • What are Best Bets and Key Words?
  • How can I utilize search to locate people inside the company?
  • How can I sign up for search alerts?
  • How can I obtain a preview of the things in my search results?
  • How can I share and follow stuff from my search results?
  • What is the Content Search web component used for?

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