Management & Leadership Seminars

Secretary and Executive Office Management Egypt (Cairo) 67738




2 - 6 Feb 2020


Egypt (Cairo)


Safir Hotel Cairo



The program aims identify the work of the top office managers according to the best international methodologies and practices. This training program aim to develop the skills of the top office managers and provide them with the necessary technical assistance to perform the work with high productive efficiency and provide them with the expertise and skills required by the responsibilities and duties of the job. In this training program, we will introduce the knowledge and skills units that familiarize them with the specialties, duties and responsibilities of office managers. And the scientific concept of administrative communication and its methods and the art of dealing with leaders and subordinates. Time management and optimal use. And the art of official correspondence and its formulations (speech / memo / reports). Indexing and archiving (practical applications). And behavioral skills related to the function and behavioral aspects of performance and art of etiquette and modern ceremonies.


This training program aim to provide the participants with the modern skills required in the field of management of higher offices through the use of the latest methods and techniques in the management of higher offices, in order to provide administrative support for senior positions efficiently and effectively, and training the participants to practice the arts of communication and dealing with others in practice, Implement the scheduling and follow-up of the work of senior management, and give them the skill of using modern techniques for office work, and training them on how to deal with different personal styles.

Target group:

  • Office Managers.
  • Executive secretarial staff.
  • Administrative Assistants.

The content
The modern concepts of office management:

  • Office Management.
  • The difference between office management and work coordination.
  • The general concepts of workers in the field of office management and contemporary archives in the modern organizations.
  • The importance of effective management of office management work in the success of administrative work.
  • Types of office management.
  • Modern Office.
  • Global Office functions.
  • Objectives of the Global Office.
  • The importance of modern office management.
  • Organization of office management and archives in modern offices.

Tasks and Responsibilities of the Director of the Contemporary Office:

  • Functional Office Manager.
  • Office management functions.
  • Office Manager Skills.
  • Qualifications of office manager.
  • Duties of the office manager.
  • Dimensions of the office manager function.
  • The concept of higher office management.
  • Responsibilities, duties and responsibilities of office managers.
  • The scientific concept of administrative communication and its methods.
  • The art of dealing with leaders and subordinates.
  • Behavioral skills related to the functionality of the office manager.
  • Planning meetings.
  • Business Scheduling.
  • Development of cataloging and archiving systems.
  • Information Systems and Decision Making.
  • High reporting skills and performance indicators KPIs
  • Management of relations between senior management staff and organizational units.

Office Management Protocol:

  • Protocol concept.
  • Elements of effective office manager behavior.
  • Secretary skills in handling protocol management.
  • Management of the first impression of the beneficiary of office management services.
  • Summary of Recent research has been conducted on the influence of body language in persuading others.
  • The concept of the first impression.
  • Factors affecting the formation of the first impression of the recipient of office management services.
  • The concept of charisma.
  • Psychological criteria for effective office manager.
  • Effective office manager and protocol dealing with VIP visitors.
  • The importance of compatibility between the physical and psychological characteristics of the office manager industry of the ideal impression.
  • Etiquette skills and their impact on the success of the effective office manager.
  • Skills of dealing with the public to receive complaints.

The importance of communication skills in office management:

  • The concept of communication and its types.
  • Davis model of communication.
  • Sound skills for effective office manager.
  • Effective body language skills for effective office manager.
  • Office Manager Patterns according to the Herman HBDI Scale.
  • Perceptual Positioning Techniques.
  • Perceptual Positioning Techniques.
  • Skills to deal with different human patterns.
  • The importance of language skills in the success of effective office manager.
  • Skills of persuasion and influence in the field of office management work.
  • Practical applications on effective communication skills in office management.

Excellence in office management strategies and arts:

  • Stages of preparation and processing systems for organizing files and information.
  • Strategy used to serve office and archiving business.
  • Skills of receiving and exporting correspondence.
  • Methods of indexing and archiving documents and files.
  • The art and drafting of official correspondence (correspondence / memos / reports).
  • The art of writing reports.
  • The art of organizing meetings.
  • The art of writing and managing meeting minutes.
  • Higher thinking skills for effective office manager.
  • The importance of enabling higher thinking skills and activating them for effective office manager.
  • Problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Skills of innovative and creative thinking.
  • Practical applications on the higher thinking skills of the office manager.
  • Conflict Management and Mitigation Skills in the Work Environment.
  • The concept of conflict management.
  • Stress management skills.