Health, Safety & Security

Corporate Security Training for Security Supervisors & Managers UK (London) 58228




22 - 26 Dec 2019


UK (London)


Premier Inn Victorya


Program Content

This program covers Management & Security Practices for Corporate and Business Environment that lead to greater security, continuity of operations, Loss Prevention and Customer Focus your organization.
Emphasis is on Systems and Practices that ensure Internal and External Customer Satisfaction and Exceeding User Expectations.
You will learn the detailed step-by-step procedures to set up Security management practices including: Policy, Procedures, Work Instructions, Management Controls, Feedback and Continuous Improvement.
Program will also cover how to conduct Corporate and Business Security Audits and Report Findings and Recommendations.

  1. Industry Standard Terminology
  2. Industry & Business Issues,  Laws and Regulators Issues, Key factors and Concerns
  3. Creating an Organizational Strategy
  4. Strategic Projects you can Implement
  5. The Technology
  6. Equipment, Tools and Technology Information
  7. Industry Standards
  8. Methodologies and Procedures
  9. Management Issues
  10. Flow Charting of Work Processes
  11. Quality Assurance Implementation
  12. Planning Issues
  13. Risk Management
  14. Implementation Management
  15. Good Management Practices
  16. Some Best Business & Industry Management/Technical Practices
  17. Implementing Improvements
  18. Building a Knowledge Base in your Organization