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Communication And Planning Skills For Administrative Professionals

REF: 15340_304784
DATE: 23 - 27 Jun 2025

Munich (Germany)


4900 Euro


Adeptness in communication and strategic planning is essential in administrative work. This course is tailored to enhance the administrative communication skills of professionals, ensuring a robust understanding of strategic communications and planning. Participants will delve into the core principles of communication and planning, applying these skills to boost their effectiveness and that of their teams.

Good communication and planning skills are essential for all administrative professionals. This administrative communication and strategic planning skills training program is designed to help participants review and develop these skills to enhance their effectiveness and that of their immediate colleagues and teams.

Through this detailed exploration of communication and strategic planning, attendees will be immersed in various types of administrative communication and develop the knowledge to execute an effective communication strategy and plan. By understanding administrative communication, they will be equipped to articulate their thoughts precisely and engage in strategic planning and communication that will fortify the foundations of their administrative roles.

Targeted Groups:

  • PR Managers.
  • PR Professionals.
  • HR Professionals.
  • Marketing Professionals.
  • Persons who want to extend and improve their skills.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this administrative communication and strategic planning skills course, the participants will be able to:

  • Engage in face-to-face communication (both one-to-one and in small groups).
  • Master telephone skills, teleconferencing, and remote communications.
  • Craft written communications (including e-mails, letters, reports, and instructions).
  • Demonstrate meeting skills and support presentations.
  • Apply interpersonal and influencing skills.
  • Develop personal planning and time-management skills.
  • Implement project planning and monitoring.

Targeted Competencies:

Participants in this administrative communication and strategic planning skills training will:

  • Review and develop their communication, interpersonal, and planning skills and their appreciation of the principles involved.
  • Take stock of their current approaches and decide on initiatives to enhance communication and planning within their teams/sections.
  • Dive deep into Face-to-Face Communication and Interpersonal Skills.
  • Hone their Planning & Time Management skills.
  • Foster Team-Working and Effective Meetings.
  • Manage Information and enhance Written Communication.
  • Support Presentations/Improve Teamwork and Systems.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Face-to-Face Communication and Interpersonal Skills:

  • Barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them.
  • Interpersonal skills and building working relationships.
  • Delegation to giving and receiving.
  • Assertive communication.
  • Manage conflict.

Unit 2: Planning & Time Management:

  • Prioritize tasks and requests.
  • Handle and make requests effectively.
  • Personal planning tools and systems.
  • Manage interruptions and distractions.
  • Project planning and principles of CPA (Critical Path Analysis).

Unit 3: Team-Working and Meetings:

  • Understand team development and group dynamics.
  • Construct and manage conducive discussions.
  • Challenge ideas and reach agreements.
  • Improving meeting outcomes through planning and preparation.
  • Participation, control, and effective meeting follow-ups.

Unit 4: Managing Information and Written Communication:

  • Principles of information management.
  • Assessing Information critically and presenting it meaningfully.
  • Report writing essentials.
  • Relevance.
  • Layout.
  • Structure.
  • Nuances of Grammar and punctuation.
  • Edit and proofreading skills.
  • Writing e-mails and letters with attention to style, tone, and structure.
  • Explore other forms of written communication.

Unit 5: Supporting Presentations/Improving Teamwork and Systems:

  • Design impactful slides and incorporate relevant graphics.
  • Room setup, equipment management, and troubleshooting methods.
  • Emphasize continuous improvement and creative thinking in presentations.
  • Construct and present convincing arguments.
  • Program review and feedback mechanisms.

Public Relations Training & Certification Courses
Communication And Planning Skills For Administrative Professionals (15340_304784)

REF: 15340_304784   DATE: 23.Jun.2025 - 27.Jun.2025   LOCATION: Munich (Germany)  INDIVIDUAL FEE: 4900 Euro


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