Management & Leadership Seminars

A Step-by-Step Developing Departmental 5 Year Strategic Plans from Organizational Strategy

Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...
Long Term Planning is essential to become world-class organizations. This program show you in a Step-by-Step Manner how you can prepare a 5 year Strategic for your Department using any available Organizational Strategic Plan, Mission, Vision Statements and Executive Interviews (including questions to ask).
You will get a multi-discipline understanding of your organizations business strategy: Business Environment, Economic Factors, Technology, Regulatory, Social, Globalization and Manpower.

Program Content

  • Understanding Objective of Organizations
  • Identifying the Objectives of your Organization
  • Strategic Initiatives for your Department
  • Identifying Projects for Achieving Strategic Initiatives
  • Strategic Project Implementation Strategy
  • Implementing Individual Strategic Projects
  • Monitoring Strategic Projects
  • Evaluating Strategic Project Success
  • Preparing your Departmental 5 Year Strategic Plan
  • Revising and Updating your Strategic Plan

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