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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


The online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course is intended for working individuals with busy schedules and little to no prior Lean Six Sigma expertise. It introduces students to the methods, skills, and technologies that will enable them to direct LSS initiatives inside their business. The Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) problem-solving framework is taught to students together with the instruments for streamlining production and services from beginning to finish. At the end of the course, you'll be well-versed in the knowledge and abilities required for effectively directing a Green Belt-level project to decrease or eliminate waste, lower faults in your organization's goods and procedures, and raise client satisfaction.

Course Objectives

  • Connect LSS principles to business goals
  • Show the capacity to evaluate and present data in an effective manner by identifying waste in the value chain. Identify and use team leadership techniques.
  • Gather and handle consumer feedback or requirements
  • Determine the most important measures for success
  • Explain the DMAIC procedure.
  • Use the ideas and instruments appropriate for each DMAIC process phase
  • Use Lean Six Sigma techniques in projects to enhance processes

Targeted Groups

  • Project managers and process owners who want to learn how to apply Lean Six Sigma to increase the success of improvement initiatives.
  • Anybody looking for a tested strategy to significantly boost their organization's financial performance, including finance managers, plant managers, floor supervisors, and administrators.
  • professionals who are interested in obtaining a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification, including those in the healthcare, education, and military sectors, among many others.

Course Content

Week 1: Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma (Total: 20 hours)

  • Day 1: Overview of Lean and Six Sigma (4 hours)
  • Day 2: History and Evolution (4 hours)
  • Day 3: Lean Principles and Tools (4 hours)
  • Day 4: DMAIC Methodology Overview (4 hours)
  • Day 5: Define Phase: Project Selection and Charter (4 hours)

Week 2: Measure Phase (Total: 20 hours)

  • Day 6: Data Collection and Measurement System Analysis (MSA) (4 hours)
  • Day 7: Process Mapping and Analysis (4 hours)
  • Day 8: Measurement and Data Analysis Tools (4 hours)
  • Day 9: Basic Statistics and Probability (4 hours)
  • Day 10: Statistical Process Control (SPC) Basics (4 hours)

Week 3: Analyze Phase and Lean Tools (Total: 20 hours)

  • Day 11: Hypothesis Testing and Root Cause Analysis (4 hours)
  • Day 12: Lean Tools and Value Stream Mapping (4 hours)
  • Day 13: Analyzing Process Data (4 hours)
  • Day 14: Introduction to Design of Experiments (DOE) (4 hours)
  • Day 15: Data-Driven Decision Making (4 hours)

Week 4: Improve and Control Phases (Total: 20 hours)

  • Day 16: Lean Implementation and Process Optimization (4 hours)
  • Day 17: Solution Implementation and Change Management (4 hours)
  • Day 18: Control Plans and Monitoring (4 hours)
  • Day 19: Sustaining Improvements and Project Closure (4 hours)
  • Day 20: Project Review and Certification (4 hours)

Unlock Expertise with Quality Management & ISO Training Courses
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (QA)


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