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Business analysis is a business methodology used to identify business needs and problems faced by enterprises and then identify and choose the best solutions to meet these needs and solve problems. This approach is not an academic or theoretical approach to the subject, such as that taught in universities, but it is an applied work methodology derived from the experiences of business professionals over the past years, which were collected and documented in a structured framework to facilitate their study and use. The aim of this course is to enhance participants' ability to analyze business in a professional way that supports strategic decision making. The participants are familiar with the importance of business analysis, their ability to comprehensively understand the professional business analysis methodology, and how to apply professional business analysis to any enterprise or project. Participants in this course will also be able to learn the basic processes of analytical thinking that can be used to solve a wide range of problems facing modern institutions, which will equip them with competitive advantage.
Program Goals

Participants will be able to:

  • This course aims to introduce the basic aspects of business analysis through the use of a comprehensive portal that begins by focusing on defining business requirements and ending with business design.
  • Understanding a comprehensive analysis of the business environment and building its strategy that enables it to reach a business system in the organization that enables the organization to respond to the requirements of its success in achieving its goals.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the research and analytical rules of business environments.
  • Apply strategic thinking to analyze the current environment of work.
  • Structuring the problem, dividing it into separate parts.
  • Create an action plan where resources are prioritized and team efforts are focused.
  • Identify the correct sources of data through research and expert interviews.
  • Analysis and interpretation of complex data.
  • Identify the most important business area management processes effectively.
  • Learn the most important requirements for improving processes.
  • Gain the skill of preparing a business plan.
  • Highlighting the most important matrices used in business analysis.
  • Show results to team members and senior leadership.

Program content
Introduction to Business Analysis:

  • What is business analysis?
  • Role of Business Analyst.
  • Those involved in business analysis.
  • Basic business analysis model.
  • Requirements Chart.
  • Requirements and designs.

Business Analysis Tasks:

  • The general process of business analysis.
  • Planning and monitoring business analysis.
  • Extract information and cooperate with stakeholders.
  • Life cycle management requirements.
  • Strategy analysis.
  • Requirements analysis and design definition.
  • Assessment of solutions.

Business Analyst Skills:

  • Analytical thinking and problem solving.
  • Behavioral traits.
  • Business knowledge.
  • Communication skills.
  • Interaction skills.
  • Tools and technology.

Basic methods used in business analysis:

  • Overview of business analysis techniques.
  • Process modeling.
  • Use scenarios and scenarios.
  • Root Cause Analysis.
  • The interview.
  • Analysis of stakeholders.
  • Setting priorities

Business Scope Management:

  • The development of scale management plan.
  • Compilation requirements.
  • Select the range.
  • Establishment of a business segmentation structure.
  • Domain verification.
  • Adjust the range.

Process Improvement Requirements:

  • Apply optimization at work.
  • Requirements and Metrology Paper.
  • Efficiency and efficiency.
  • Process evaluation steps.
  • Supervision and follow-up.

Business plan requirements:

  • Concept of Action Plan.
  • The importance of the action plan.
  • Business plan requirements.
  • Skills of preparing a work plan.

Process Modeling:

  • Stages and steps of modeling.
  • What is a BPMN model?

Business Analysis Matrices:

  • BCG matrix model.
  • ADL matrix model.
  • MCC Decision Matrix Model.
  • Porter Matrix Model.

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