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ArcGIS Workflow Manager 1

REF: 15498_316202
DATE: 29 Jul - 02 Aug 2024

Barcelona (Spain)


5500 Euro


ArcGIS Workflow Manager is a scalable enterprise workflow management system that automates and simplifies many aspects of performing and managing repeatable GIS and non-GIS work in an organization. Explore how to use ArcGIS Workflow Manager to create streamlined production processes.

Targeted Groups:

  • Managers and others who want to develop and enforce standard
  • Repeatable GIS workflows within their organization using ArcGIS Workflow Manager

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Set up the database, system tables, and security model.
  • Create jobs, execute workflows, and manage job status in ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro.
  • Model your business processes as ArcGIS Workflow Manager workflows.
  • Publish ArcGIS Workflow Manager services and web viewers.

Targeted Competencies:

  • Automate and simplify work tasks.
  • Improve data quality and accuracy.
  • Enhance communication.
  • Save time and resources.

Course Content:
Unit 1: An Introduction

  • Learn about its capabilities and how it can be used to streamline submission and approval workflows (such as permitting, data submission and data requests) and versioned data editing workflows that use the new Utility Network, Parcel Fabric or Linear Referencing Network.

Unit 2: Configure and License

  • Learn about its architecture and how it fits into your existing ArcGIS implementation.
  • Learn about things to consider when planning your Workflow Manager Server deployment.
  • Understand the configuration and licensing process and whether a high availability deployment of Workflow Manager Server is right for your organization.

Unit 3: Basic Concepts

  • Learn about the basic concepts of ArcGIS Workflow Manager including the components of a job.
  • Lean how to create and interact with jobs on the ArcGIS Workflow Manager Work tab and in ArcGIS Pro.

Unit 4: Designing Workflow Diagrams

  • Understand common workflow patterns and how Workflow Manager controls the sequence of work. 
  • Learn how to implement workflows as diagrams in the Workflow Manager web app.

CAD, Digitization of Engineering Drawings & Mapping Training Courses
ArcGIS Workflow Manager 1 (15498_316202)

REF: 15498_316202   DATE: 29.Jul.2024 - 02.Aug.2024   LOCATION: Barcelona (Spain)  INDIVIDUAL FEE: 5500 Euro


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