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Contracts Management Training Certification Course

REF: 4112_298149
DATE: 23 - 27 Feb 2025

Dubai (UAE)


3900 Euro


This Contracts Management training certification course encompasses the entire contracting process, taking participants from contract award to planning and management and finally to contract closeout and resolving disputes. An emphasis is placed on enhancing delegates' skills in handling various contract management situations, imparting an understanding of practices prevalent across numerous business sectors, including, but not limited to, construction, petroleum, engineering, and other industries.

As part of the contract management seminar, individuals will discover the pathways to gaining internationally recognized contracts management certification. A comprehensive procurement and contract management certificate program validates expertise and commitment to the discipline, equipping professionals with the essential contract management skills required in today's complex business environment.

Importance of Contract Management

In this masterclass of contract management basics, participants will learn why effective contract management is crucial to organizational success. They will explore the fundamentals of procurement and contract management, focusing on how a certificate in contract management can enhance their professional credentials and prepare them for advanced roles within an organization.

This contracts management course emphasizes international contract management and prepares professionals to operate effectively within the global marketplace. Participants in the contracts management course will engage in case studies and discussions on international standards and best practices, learning to navigate cross-border contracts confidently and skillfully.

Targeted Groups

  • Contract managers.
  • Contract professionals.
  • Project managers.
  • Construction managers.
  • Procurement managers.
  • Commercial managers.
  • This contracts management course is for individuals involved in the procurement of materials and equipment or the management of suppliers and contractors providing services.

Course Objectives

By the conclusion of this contract management program, participants will be able to:

  • Select the appropriate type and form of contracts for diverse circumstances.
  • Comprehend the legal framework governing contract management.
  • Grasp the complexities involved in managing contracts.
  • Obtain and analyze performance data effectively.
  • Enhance their efficiency in contract management activities.
  • Proactively anticipate issues and manage risks.
  • Seamlessly integrate contract management with the needs of the contract.
  • Address claims, disputes, and performance issues adeptly.

Targeted Competencies

By the end of this contracts management course, the participants will be able to improve:

  • Contract preparation.
  • Contract administration.
  • Preparing and evaluating bids.
  • Planning the contracting process.
  • Resolving contractual disputes.
  • Managing contractors.

Course Content

Unit 1: Understanding the Contract

  • Overview of the tendering and contract award process.
  • A refresher on legal requirements for a contract.
  • Details on formal and informal contractual documents.
  • Insights into standard terms and conditions.
  • Letters of intent.
  • Letters of comfort.
  • Understanding the specification and scope of works link to price and payment.
  • Identifying contract risks.
  • Tools and techniques for managing contract risks.

Unit 2: Key Skills of Contract Management

  • Role and importance of an effective contract management team.
  • Strategies for implementing the new contract.
  • Establishing effective review processes.
  • Inspection and certification of contractual performance.
  • Managing suppliers of professional services.
  • Utilizing contract management reports.
  • Implementing KPIs ineffective contract management.

Unit 3: Model Contracts and Terms

  • Choosing the proper model contract.
  • Overview of standard form contracts: ICC, FIDIC, NEC, and others
  • Force "Majeure" clauses
  • Indemnities and insurance clauses
  • Warranty clauses.
  • Bonds, and guarantees.
  • Contract variation clauses.

Unit 4: Managing Price and Contract Variations

  • Managing Price escalation.
  • Getting a breakdown of costs.
  • Cost and price analysis techniques.
  • Tracking changes.
  • Managing variations to the work.
  • Changes to timing, accelerating delivery.
  • Increase or decrease in scope.
  • Changes to work methods.
  • Negotiation techniques for price and contract variation management.

Unit 5: Managing Claims and Disputes

  • Categories of typical contract claims – scope, delay, quality, payment.
  • Application of penalties or service credits.
  • Differentiating between liquidated and unliquidated damages.
  • Contract termination and other strategies to address default.
  • Managing defects liability.
  • Dispute resolution – selecting the right tools and techniques.
  • Steps for contract closeout.

Mastering Legal Negotiation & Contract Management Training Courses
Contracts Management Training Certification Course (4112_298149)

REF: 4112_298149   DATE: 23.Feb.2025 - 27.Feb.2025   LOCATION: Dubai (UAE)  INDIVIDUAL FEE: 3900 Euro


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