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Mastering Human Resources Management Courses and HR Certifications

Culture & Change Management




24 Feb - 07 Mar 2025


Rome (Italy)



This important Culture & Change Management training course focuses on vital areas of modern Human Resource Management HRM. It is a unique seminar that addresses core HR issues in a critical and evaluative way. This course also provides a theoretical background, guidelines on best practice, and skills development in organizational development processes, all from an HR perspective.

Targeted Groups:

  • Top Management
  • HR Management
  • HR Staff
  • Managers & Head Of Departments
  • Persons who want to get new skills and knowledge to improve their career
  • Professionals and Supervisors who wish to enhance their competencies in change management
  • Those who received their training in past years and need to be brought up to date with best practice in Change Management
  • Those who have joined an HR or Personnel Department in past few years but who have no formal HR Training
  • HRM personnel who need to stay up-to-date on current practices and trends in change management and organizational development
  • Anyone involved in HRM at all levels
  • Those who would benefit from an understanding of the HR role and function.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Design a suitable change management model in their workplace
  • Understand organizational culture
  • Identifying change management practices that may be culture-bound
  • Develop practical skills in Organisational Development (OD)
  • Understand performance management in a multi-cultural environment
  • Understand Strategic HRM approaches (SHRM)
  • Describe best practice in working with employees with problems
  • Prioritize HR activities and identify what produces value
  • Take action to maximize manpower
  • Have compiled an action plan that will produce significant organizational savings
  • Master the new HR strategic model
  • Master how to do predictive forecasting
  • Reduce the cost and significantly improve the efficiency of succession planning
  • Master business process reengineering and be able to apply the techniques both in HR and in other areas of the business
  • Explain to others the 10 key areas where the Human resource can be significantly improved
  • Implement change that will have a visible benefit to the organization
  • Update their professional skills to be ahead in HR thinking and abilities
  •  Explain to others the new integrated HR concept and how it will add value to any business in either the public or private sector
  • Adopt a common and auditable approach throughout HR
  • Provide the organization with a much more business approach to HR management
  • Operate a common strategic model and approach using the HR two-stage model

Targeted Competencies:

  • Performance Management in a multi-cultural setting
  • Organisational Development (OD)
  • Work Psychology
  • The Difference between Change Management and Managing Change
  • Methodology & Application
  • An Understanding of Workplace Culture and Change
  • Leadership and Change
  • Strategic Planning
  • Matrix Management
  • Business Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Manpower Planning
  • Predictive Forecasting
  • Creating Business Value
  • Business Process Re-engineering

Course Content:
Unit 1: Understanding Human Psychology and Its Impact on Change Management:

  • What is Human Psychology?
  • Tip of the Iceberg Concept
  • Understanding Yourself
  • Developing Self-awareness, Trust, and Communication
  • How Attitudes are formed?
  • Motivation at Workplace and What Drives People to be Motivated
  • The Key Drivers of Change
  • The Need for Change Management

Unit 2: Approaches to Organizational Change:

  • Where do you start with Organizational Change?
  • Anticipated Reaction to Change
  • What are typically the things which are required to Change?
  • Define the Scale of Organizational Change
  • Approaches to Organizational Change
  • Steps required to Implement Change
  • How to Sustain Change?
  • What is the impact of Appreciative Inquiry on Change Management?
  • Organizational Alignment around the Change

Unit 3: Change Management and Change Leadership:

  • The Five Psychological Phases of Change and their Effective Management
  • Difference between Change Management and Change Leadership
  • Leadership and Culture in Change Management
  • Change Management and Emotional Intelligence impact on Organization Performance
  • The Key Components of Emotional Intelligence Link to Leadership
  • Emotional Quotient (EQ) vs. Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Unit 4: Organisational Development (OD)

  • What is Organisational Development?
  • Introduction to Performance Management Tool Namely the Balanced Scorecard
  • Defining Strategy and How to Translate It into Action and Execution
  • SWOT and PESTEL Analysis
  • Barriers and Success Factors to Strategy Execution – Culture, Leadership and Human Factors
  • Building a Strategy Focused Organisation (SFO)
  • Introduction to Strategy Maps

Unit 5: Developing Performance Contracts Framework and Scoring Mechanism:

  • Developing Business Plan Methodology to Achieve the Strategic Direction of the Organization
  • Developing and Implementing Performance Contracts Framework between CEO and Functional Managers within the Organization
  • Developing a Comprehensive Balanced Scorecard and Scoring Mechanism for your organization using EXCEL

Unit 6: HR as the Strategic Partner:

  • The New Strategic process for HR
  • The 10 input checklist for Strategic HR
  • The role of creativity in HR strategy
  • How to translate Strategy into action – the value of Strategic Action Plans
  • HR's role in Matrix management and measuring results
  • Review "Can the human resource be improved at no extra cost?". Ten areas where a real difference can be made

Unit 7: Making HR Effective - 10 Decisive Actions to Make a Difference:

  • The new shape of HR
  • The internal structure needed for tomorrows successful HR departments
  • Does added value apply to HR?
  • Manpower Planning – use of Manpower Projective Techniques
  • Maximizing organizational structures to enhance productivity – how downsizing and right-sizing work
  • Understanding the new ratios for supervisors and managers

Unit 8: New Look at Advances in Recruitment, Training, and Techniques to Maximise Human Performance:

  • Recruitment – The new approach to recruitment processes
  • How testing and profiling can make a real efficiency difference
  • How to improve the questioning process using the latest in behavioral techniques
  • Tips and techniques used by interviewing professionals
  • Professional interviewing in practice
  • Training – The new training efficiency model
  • Techniques to determine which training provides value to the organization
  • How to evaluate training
  • Valuing and costing training and the use of a prioritizing system to get outstanding value from the training budget (specialist handout)
  • Maximizing efficiency through pay and rewards
  • Concepts of value using the new talent model
  • Two major improvements in efficiency – the use of differentiation and bonus schemes

Unit 9: New Performance and Value Approaches to Performance, Competence, Appraisal, and Succession Planning:

  • Understanding Performance - Setting organizational performance standards
  • Need for predictive forecasting
  • Paying for performance
  • Understanding how competencies are structured and how to realistically measure them
  • Performance appraisal – understanding the cost of appraisal and how to improve it
  • Techniques to improve appraisal techniques and to maximize the value of training
  • New approach – new results
  • Software needed
  • 5 Succession Plans – what is the organization value of PDPs?
  • The three approaches to targeted succession planning

Unit 10: Business Process Re-Engineering and How to Measure the Return On Investment on HR Activities:

  • BPR - Understand the immense value Business Process Re-engineering offers
  • What is BPR?
  • IBM and Levis Case Study
  • How to do BPR?
  • Creating and Measuring value from HR
  • Practical examples
  • The HR ROI formula

Mastering Human Resources Management Courses and HR Certifications
Culture & Change Management (HR15119_298097)

REF: HR15119_298097   DATE: 24.Feb.2025 - 07.Mar.2025   LOCATIONS: Rome (Italy)  INDIVIDUAL FEE: 8500 


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