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Advanced Procurement Skills & Professional Training Course

REF: 4027_295410
DATE: 02 - 06 Mar 2025

Amman (Jordan)


2900 Euro


This advanced procurement skills and professional course aims to enhance the skills of procurement professionals and senior buyers in organizations. Topics such as advanced negotiation, procurement techniques, business continuity, and contingency planning for procurement are discussed and practiced through simulations to reinforce learning.

The advanced procurement skills and professional course underscores the strategic importance of procurement departments by imparting concepts and practices to maximize departmental effectiveness, thus reducing costs throughout the supply chain.

The advanced procurement skills and professional program provides an exceptional opportunity for procurement and logistics management professionals to develop leadership skills for fostering collaboration, managing conflicts, implementing time management techniques, and cultivating an adaptive mindset to change. Participants will gain insight into best practices leading to world-class procurement activity alongside practical tools for immediate application.

Participants of this advanced procurement professional training will exit the advanced procurement skills and professional course with an advanced procurement certification and enhanced procurement technical skills, ready to apply their knowledge to their professional roles, contributing significantly to organizational success.

Enhancing Procurement and Logistics Management

In the procurement sector, a procurement and logistics management certificate signifies a comprehensive understanding beyond the foundational procurement training course. This advanced procurement skills and professional course introduces the intricacies courses on procurement and courses on procurement management typically cover, elevating the proficiency of procurement professionals to a certified standard.

Targeted Groups

  • Procurement managers and senior managers.
  • Procurement professionals.
  • Purchasing managers.
  • Senior buyers.
  • Buyers.

Course Objectives

By the end of this advanced procurement management course, participants will be able to:

  • Review critical supply strategies.
  • Comprehend the principles of activity-based costing.
  • Discuss current forces of change in the procurement landscape.
  • Create rapport, build trust, and establish credibility in workgroups.
  • Recognize the centrality of communication to successful, productive workgroups.
  • Acquire the skills essential for forging strong supplier relationships.
  • Delve into business continuity and contingency planning for procurement.
  • Learn a robust category segmentation process.
  • Plan and execute successful negotiations.
  • Explore various negotiation approaches.
  • Maintain high standards of procurement ethics.
  • Effectively rate suppliers and assess their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Gain recognition within the organization for improved performance
  • Enhance skills in the advanced phases of strategic procurement.
  • Bolster procurement professionals' capability, skill, and morale through procurement learning and development.

Targeted Competencies

At the end of this course, the target competencies will be able to develop:

  • Supply risk mitigation.
  • Formulating critical supply strategies for the future.
  • Crafting performance-based service contracts.
  • Employing advanced negotiation techniques.
  • Reducing the supply base judiciously.
  • Transforming supplier relationships.
  • Utilizing activity-based costing for informed decision-making.
  • Exemplifying change leadership.
  • Exercising communication leadership.
  • Developing negotiation countermeasures.
  • Advancing methods for controlling procurement negotiations.

Course Content

Unit 1: Performance Purchasing

  • Purchasing and its contribution to the organization.
  • The supply chain and its influence.
  • Influence of the external environment on procurement.
  • Procurement organization's structure and function.
  • The complete procurement cycle.
  • Engaging with different purchasing systems.
  • Critical supply strategies in action.
  • The essentials of the category segmentation process.

Unit 2: The Supplier Relationship

  • Revolutionizing the supplier relationship.
  • Setting clear and functional specifications.
  • Collaborating with end-users for procurement success.
  • Formulating supplier evaluation criteria.
  • Deciding on the appropriate supplier methodologies.
  • Embracing the total cost approach in procurement.
  • Defining the organization's mission in nurturing supplier relationships.
  • How do you excel as a good customer to suppliers?
  • Ensuring communication, trust, and credibility are at the forefront.

Unit 3: Advanced Negotiation Skills

  • Techniques to avoid confrontational negotiating.
  • Developing active listening skills for negotiation.
  • Tackling negotiations with an agitated individual.
  • Strategies for dealing with back door selling approaches.
  • Understanding power closes used on the buyer.
  • Dissecting the other negotiator's source of power.
  • Identifying negotiating pressure points.
  • Approaches for negotiating with untrustworthy counterparts.
  • Mastery of advanced negotiation tactics and countermeasures.

Unit 4: Leadership Skills for Procurement Personnel

  • Enhancing communication techniques, including verbal, non-verbal, and written forms.
  • Adopting communication methods that yield productivity and reduce stress.
  • Promoting communication and interaction openness to develop trust.
  • Identifying effective interpersonal interaction techniques.
  • Responding to and perceiving change in procurement activities.
  • Analyzing and preparing for the human elements in response to changes.

Unit 5: Advancing Procurement Contribution

  • Attracting and retaining top supply management talent.
  • Instituting reliable supplier measurement systems.
  • Effectively implementing vendor rating practices.
  • Elaborating on steps in developing performance-based contracts.
  • Structuring impactful action planning strategies.
  • Undertaking business continuity and contingency planning for procurement.
  • Discussing the principles and application of activity-based costing.
  • Delineating between price, cost, and value in procurement decisions.
  • Exploring strategies through which advanced procurement can amplify the organization's financial health.

Procurement, Logistics & Inventory Management Training Courses
Advanced Procurement Skills & Professional Training Course (4027_295410)

REF: 4027_295410   DATE: 02.Mar.2025 - 06.Mar.2025   LOCATION: Amman (Jordan)  INDIVIDUAL FEE: 2900 Euro


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