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ORM Operational Risk Management & Mitigation Training Course

REF: 9003_281125
DATE: 13 - 17 Oct 2024

Dubai (UAE)


3900 Euro


This operational risk management and mitigation training course will equip participants with the expertise to proactively manage and mitigate risks across their operations.

This course underscores the importance of ORM operational risk management certification. It provides delegates with robust risk management operational training emphasizing the critical balance of risk and reward in a technologically driven and globally competitive marketplace.

This operational risk management and mitigation training delivers insights into Risk Governance and a systematic methodology for identifying, quantifying, and mitigating risks that threaten the organization's normal functioning.

Participants will gain a profound understanding of the human, process, systems, and organizational causes of risk and strategies for their minimization. This ORM operational risk management training includes grasping the psychology of risk prevention and measures against external threats.

This operational risk management and mitigation course will allow delegates to scrutinize their operations rigorously, plan and manage risk within their environments, and use practical operational risk mitigation strategies.

Certification in Operational Risk Management and Mitigation:

An operational risk management and mitigation certificate can be transformative for professionals looking to validate their skills in creating robust, risk-aware strategies.

This operational risk management training course aims to prepare participants for certification, which will significantly boost their risk management qualifications and testament to their competency in guarding their organizations against a spectrum of operational risks.

Targeted Groups:

  • Senior Operations Managers.
  • Risk Management Professionals.
  • Operations Managers.
  • Senior Team Leaders.
  • Maintenance Managers, Engineers, and Technicians.
  • Operations Planners.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this ORM operational risk management course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the advantages and benefits of proactive Operational Risk Management.
  • Develop an effective Risk Management Plan that underscores the operational risk management process.
  • Execute Risk Identification and Risk Analysis using the tools and solutions provided by operational risk management training.
  • Strategize a response to risk that includes taking actionable steps to mitigate it.
  • Implement an Operational Risk Management Framework tailored to their organization.
  • Document, report, and administer Operational Risk proficiently.
  • Employ a systematic approach to Risk Management in their day-to-day operations.
  • Apply the Risk Management process within your operations.

Targeted Competencies:

Upon completion of this operational risk management and mitigation course, target competencies will be able to:

  • Identify the pivotal role of Operational Risk Management in organizational sustainability.
  • Utilize a best practice Framework and systematic approach to Risk Management.
  • Apply a six-step end-to-end approach to Operational Risk Management.
  • Engage in Risk Governance and oversight.
  • Cultivate a culture that embraces Risk Management.

Course Content:

Unit 1: The Foundations of Operational Risk Management:

  • Understand Risk and Operational Risk Management definition.
  • Discover the Operational Risk Management benefits.
  • Learning about the Operational Risk Management Framework.
  • Explore the 6-step Operational Risk Management Cycle.
  • Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Delving into the Risk Identification Process.
  • Principles and Standards of Risk Management.
  • Assess risk effectively.

Unit 2: Risk Management Methods:

  • Address the challenges of Risk Management.
  • The Role of Operational Risk Management in Corporate Structure.
  • Utilizing Probability and Statistics in Operational Risk Management.
  • Techniques in Risk Modelling.
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis.
  • Quantifying Risk Measurement.
  • Determining Risk Maturity Level and Risk Appetite.
  • Formulate appropriate Risk Response.

Unit 3: Risk Governance:

  • Establishing Risk Controls.
  • Developing Key Risk Indicators (KRIs).
  • Conducting Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis.
  • Take strategic Risk Actions.
  • Review Risks regularly.
  • Understanding the Three Lines of Defense in Risk Governance.
  • Risk Oversight, Documentation, and Reporting.
  • Managing Project Risk.

Unit 4: Implementing Operational Risk Management:

  • Overcome obstacles to Risk Management.
  • Effective Risk Management Communication.
  • Establishing a Risk Management Vision.
  • Ensure Stakeholder ownership of Risk Management.
  • Fostering a Risk Management Culture.
  • Compare International attitudes to risk.
  • Embedding Operational Risk Management into organizations.

Unit 5: Integrating Risk Management into Your Operations:

  • Leveraging Web-based Risk Management Tools.
  • The Integration of Risk Management into Everyday Operations.
  • Top Tips for Successful Operational Risk Management Implementation.

Management Analysis & Operational Auditing Courses
ORM Operational Risk Management & Mitigation Training Course (9003_281125)

REF: 9003_281125   DATE: 13.Oct.2024 - 17.Oct.2024   LOCATION: Dubai (UAE)  INDIVIDUAL FEE: 3900 Euro


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