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HR Management

Modern Skills in Developing Job Descriptions, Organizational Structure, & Effective Performance Plans UK (London) 114217




7 - 11 Sep 2020


UK (London)


Premier Inn Victorya


Course Objectives:

Providing participants with scientific and practical methods in analyzing, describing and evaluating jobs and developing their skills in diagnosing and evaluating practical problems related to job analysis, description, arrangement and evaluation of jobs

Course Content:

  • The concept of job description
  • Duties
  • The authorities
  • Responsibilities
  • Qualitative groups
  • Elements of the organizational framework and the importance of characterization as a basis for increasing the efficiency of the human component
  • Practical steps for preparing the organizational structure and reorganization and its impact on the description and arrangement of jobs
  • Bases and criteria for analyzing and describing jobs in light of changes in the employment structure
  • Performance rates, job decisions, and practical application problems
  • The scientific foundations that govern the formation of qualitative job groups in organizations
  • Analyzing and describing jobs as a basis for individual policies in the project (selection policies - training - incentives ... etc).
  • Job analysis, description, arrangement and evaluation as a basis for workforce planning
  • Job analysis, description, arrangement and evaluation as a basis for performance appraisal and reporting
  • Job Information Systems