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Management & Leadership Training Courses

Middle Management Development Program


Many middle-level managers have a property of experience at managing day to day management problems and are now ready for a far greater challenge: the challenge of becoming transformational leaders as well as managers. This course is about making that important transition and exploring and mastering the knowledge and skills that will confidently take you to that next level of competence 

It will give you the skills to promote transformational leadership behaviors; real insights into your own and other’s personalities, behaviors and attitudes; appreciate your organization’s culture; understand the developmental stages of your team and the corresponding team leadership style required from you; how to proactively engage and motivate your staff and manage change as well as yourself effectively.

Targeted Groups:

  • Mid-level managers
  • Supervisors who are ready to take on a wider role

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Ensure that they have all the core skills of highly effective leadership as well as management
  • Understand what drives individual behavior and the culture of your organization
  • Explore team dynamics, situational leadership and how to get their staff to play to their strengths
  • Implement strategic plans and motivate and reward excellence
  • Have a framework for managing change and your career development
  • Gain new insights into their leadership, personality and team preferences and learn how to display both cognitive and behavioral flexibility
  • Learn how to read other’s behavior and use that understanding in creating a motivating environment for their staff
  • Understand their own and others preferred team roles and how to motivate their staff
  • Influence upwards in the organization by displaying a high level of political skill
  • Learn how to be able to plan and lead change and your career path

Targeted Competencies:

  • Leadership skills
  • Management skills
  • Change management
  • Coaching
  • Communication skills
  • Emotional Intelligence

Course Content:

Unit 1: Moving from Management to Leadership:

  • The Difference between Management and Leadership
  • Appreciating the Five Essential Leadership Approaches
  • Displaying Transformational Leadership Behaviours
  • 21st Century Leadership Requirements
  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Leadership and Organisational Political Skills

Unit 2: Understanding Yourself, Others & Organisational Cultures:

  • Determining Your Own and Other’s Personality Preferences
  • Using Personality Insights to Powerfully Influence Others
  • The Origin of Our Attitudes and Resulting Behaviour
  • Understanding the Nature and Types of Organisational Culture
  • Signs of a Healthy Organisational Culture
  • Maintaining a Supportive Organisational Culture

Unit 3: Developing and Leading Your Team:

  • Understanding Team Roles and Playing to Your Staffs’ Strengths
  • Team Formation Stages and Team Dynamics
  • Displaying the Relevant Team Leadership Style For Your Staff
  • Motivation Techniques for Greater Commitment and Performance
  • Knowledge Workers and the Psychological Contract
  • Providing Effective Feedback and Criticism

Unit 4: Managing and Motivating Your Staff:

  • Delegating Effectively
  • Setting Goals, SMART Objectives and Personal Outcomes
  • Running Performance Appraisals that Really Work
  • Coaching, Mentoring and On-the-Job Training
  • Praising Effectively by Acknowledging and Celebrating Achievements
  • Managing Upwards and Saying ‘No’ Skillfully

Unit 5: Managing Change and Yourself Successfully:

  • Understanding the Impact of Change On Your Staff
  • The Traditional Management of Change in Organisations
  • Managing Change More Effectively Using Insights From Neuro-science
  • Proactively Managing Your Career
  • Displaying Executive Presence, Gravitas, and Confidence
  • Developing and Implementing a Personal Action Plan

Management & Leadership Training Courses
Middle Management Development Program (ML9355)


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