Management & Leadership Seminars

Organizational Productivity Methods, Analysis, Implementing Initiatives & Improvement

Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...

  • Measuring of company's ability to use resources efficiently and effectively 
  • Understanding the productivity concept
  • Relationship of productivity and strategic goals
  • Identification of Productivity Improvement Opportunities
  • Implementation and Monitoring of Productivity Improvement Opportunities.

Program Content

In this program you will learn about the Productivity Analysis…

  • Practical Issues
  • Industry Standard Terminology
  • Industry Methodologies, Standards Best Practices
  • Business Mapping of Operations
  • Flow Charts
  • How to apply productivity measures to any goods or services?
  • The steps to a full productivity analysis
  • How to use Value Chain and Business Process Analysis?
  • How to put the Analysis in a strategic context?
  • Objective data sources
  • How to set and assess group/department objectives within the Analysis?
  • Create consistent measures across your firm to plot progress by department
  • Learn the keys to performance measurement
  • Apply the Criteria for Quality, Cost and Timeliness
  • Use the Benchmarking tools to cut waste and build productivity.
  • Planning Issues
  • Technology Issues
  • Information Technology Issues
  • Management Information Needs and Related Systems
  • Implementing Improvements

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