Management & Leadership Seminars

Engineering for Non-Technical Managers & Supervisors

Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...
This program provides the Manager or Supervisor the Practical Engineering Understanding of the Most Common & Often Applied Engineering Principles that Move Industry and Business.
The program will empower the manager with the knowledge required to Understand and Lead Technical Staff.
The program is considered essential training for Engineers and Other members of Problem Solving, Incident Investigation, Improvement and Value Engineering Teams.

Program Content

  1. Understanding Engineering Principles
  2. Principles by Engineering Discipline
    1. Chemical Engineering
    2. Civil Engineering
    3. Electrical Engineering
    4. Metallurgical  Engineering
    5. Computer Hardware Engineering
    6. Software Engineering
    7. Other Engineering
  3. Engineering Principles by Organizational Departments
    1. Petroleum Upstream Operations
    2. Petroleum Down Stream Operations
    3. Maintenance Department
    4. Engineering Department
    5. Projects Department
    6. Security Department
    7. Safety Department
    8. Environmental Department
    9. Utilities Department
    10. Power Generation Department
    11. Other Departments
  4. Engineering Principles by Organizational Processes
  5. Engineering Principles as applied to Product Design
  6. Engineering principles as Applied to Service Design
  7. Engineering Cost Benefit Analysis
  8. Engineering Vocabulary
  9. Further Training Recommendations
  10. Recommendations Regarding Creating Engineering Awareness in Organization

That will help you understand your organizational business & production processes better.  These are the processes you need to manage and support in the organization.
Your perceptions will change forever after this program. You will no longer feel frustrated with the technical discussions during your meetings and problem solving sessions.

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