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Maintenance, Inspection, Testing, Corrosion, Painting, Turnaround & Industrial Services

Writing Effective Maintenance Procedures


As equipment and processes have become more complex so too has the work of maintainers and operators become more complicated thereby increasing the need for written procedures. Sound management practices encourage written procedures and most regulations now demand them for many processes.

The International Organisation for Standardization includes the control and use of procedures as a key element of a company's safety and quality management system. The purpose of this course is to make your procedure-writing efforts as efficient as possible and to create, update, and maintain accurate and effective procedures

Targeted Groups:

  • Maintenance and Operations Team Leaders
  • Engineers
  • Process Controllers
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Maintenance Planners
  • Reliability Engineers

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose of documented procedures and documented information
  • Understand safety, environmental and quality requirements
  • Design a procedure management system
  • Write maintenance and operating procedures
  • Control the distribution and documentation and procedures

Targeted Competencies:

  • Documented procedure needs analysis, policies and standards
  • Subject matter research including OEMs, internal and external authorities and end-users
  • Pitching the narrative and vocabulary at the correct level, sentence structure, and quantified values
  • Tools and technology to create procedures that are easy to maintain and control
  • Control the distribution and revision of procedures
  • Linking procedures to work orders and job instructions

Course Content:
Unit 1: Introduction:

  • Why written procedures are necessary
  • The types of maintenance procedures and documentation
  • Current trends in procedures and documentation
  • Regulatory and safety considerations

Unit 2: Maintenance and Operating Procedure Management System Design:

  • Determine the system and CMMS requirements
  • Procedure users needs analysis
  • Criteria that determines the need
  • The sections and layout of each type of procedure
  • Procedure RASCI

Unit 3: Procedure Writing Efficiency:

  • Information sources for procedure writing
  • Software tools for writing efficiently
  • Fonts, paragraph formatting that enhances readability
  • The use of templates, boilerplate, automatic text
  • Practical: Use tools and techniques to enhance efficiency

Unit 4: Procedure Writing:

  • Language, grammar, and vocabulary
  • Use OEM information sources
  • Use subject matter experts
  • Practical: Write a draft procedure

Unit 5: Procedure Control:

  • Review and approval
  • Procedure repository for softcopies
  • Distribution matrix for hard copies
  • Update and revision process
  • Techniques to improve usage by end-users

Maintenance, Inspection, Testing, Corrosion, Painting, Turnaround & Industrial Services
Writing Effective Maintenance Procedures (O9279)


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