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Knowledge, Intellectual Property, R&D Management Courses

Essential Knowledge Management


Effective knowledge sharing throughout an organization enhances employee performance and promotes innovation. This course is designed for professionals who have a major role in enabling access to critical knowledge and expertise in real-time-wherever and whenever work gets done

Targeted Groups:

  • Professionals who want to understand knowledge management, and how to provide leadership in their organizations with a broader array of learning solutions that meet the critical information needs of the workforce.
  • Talent development professionals - trainers
  • Instructional designers
  • Organizational development practitioners
  • Anyone within an organization who is responsible for developing others, from managers to human resources specialists

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Advocate for effective knowledge sharing
  • Foster an enabling environment within your organization that encourages knowledge sharing
  • Conduct a knowledge management assessment of your organization
  • Apply knowledge sharing tools and techniques in practice
  • Develop a knowledge management strategy to institutionalize KM practices within your organization

Targeted Competencies:

  • Organizational Knowledge
  • Knowledge Management Components
  • Knowledge Management Procedures and Governance
  • Selecting a Knowledge Management Vendor
  • Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning

Course Content:

Unit 1: Fundamentals:

  • Understand the fundamentals and key concepts of knowledge management
  • How to make a case for knowledge management?
  • Explore the role of KM in an organization
  • Identify where KM is situated in your organization
  • Establish a framework and components for developing your knowledge management strategy throughout the course

Unit 2: Understanding Context and Taking Stock:

  • Understand the cultural and behavioral elements of knowledge management
  • Develop a conducive environment for knowledge sharing and overcoming challenges
  • Learn how to make the best use of organizational assessments

Unit 3: Actively Learning From Feedback Loops:

  • Examine supply and demand for knowledge
  • Capture and generate meaningful lessons learned
  • Recognize and maximize learning opportunities in the project cycle
  • Pool good practice examples

Unit 4: Pure KM Tools and Supporting Practices:

  • Explore and apply knowledge sharing techniques and processes
  • Share current examples of ICT and social media
  • Identify and work with knowledge champions

Unit 5: Knowledge Management Strategy:

  • Develop steps for a knowledge management strategy
  • Validate components of your KM strategy with peer support
  • Share insights for overcoming challenges and recognizing success in KM in your organization

Knowledge, Intellectual Property, R&D Management Courses
Essential Knowledge Management (K9228)


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