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Marine Environment Protection


Professionals faced with marine environment protection come from different sectors and it is in their interest to understand the entire picture before setting the priorities proper to their field. This course designed to familiarize you with the most relevant aspects of a changing subject area that is difficult to fully grasp and place in a context of reference.

The training course is designed for a cross-professional group of learners, including shipping and the oil and gas industry. Structured around presentations, exercises, and practical insights into the priorities of the marine environment protection agenda at present, it embraces current challenges on the international level as well as selected regional topics. Recent developments such as air pollution from shipping and areas of growing interest such as decommissioning of offshore platforms are also explored. All in all, this course will give you the chance to enrich and update your awareness given a more informed policy and decision making, you will gain a solid and current exposure to the frameworks and challenges relating to marine environment protection that will make you a better-informed professional

Targeted Groups:

  • Maritime professionals
  • Oil and Gas industry professionals
  • Seniors (shipping and Oil and Gas) interested in updates
  • Legal managers, bank analysts, underwriters, NGOs
  • Administrators and civil servants faced with marine environment agenda

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the impacts and demands of marine environment protection
  • Analyze the existing frameworks governing marine environment protection
  • Develop synergies with stakeholders from other sectors
  • Identify current developments requiring actions
  • Update their knowledge

Targeted Competencies:

  • The relevance of marine environment protection and related priorities
  • The systems which aim at marine environment protection
  • Marine environment protection and the shipping industry
  • Marine environment protection and the oil and gas industry
  • Accountability (legal persons, individuals, states, etc.)

Course Content:
Unit 1: Relevance of Marine Environment Protection at Present:

  • What is at stake? Impacts and current state
  • Climate change and the marine environment
  • Stakeholders involved
  • Overview of policies
  • Sustainability and ocean governance

Unit 2: Systems aimed at Marine Environment Protection:

  • Standard-setting process of international organizations
  • State policies and statutory requirements
  • Regional approaches
  • Standardization through ISO
  • Industry best practice

Unit 3: Marine Environment Protection & the Shipping Industry:

  • Challenges for shipping
  • Marine Pollution by Oil
  • Chemical pollution at sea
  • Marine environment protection from sewage (liquid garbage) and wastes (solid garbage)
  • Air pollution from shipping

Unit 4: Marine Environment Protection & the Oil and Gas Offshore Industry:

  • Marine environment viewed from the standpoint of the oil and gas sector
  • Lessons learned
  • International legislative framework
  • Regional elements
  • Current trends

Unit 5: Accountability:

  • Polluter pays principle and the precautionary principle
  • Strict liability of private stakeholders: international conventions
  • State liability
  • Insurance repercussions
  • Case-law

Master Environmental Management & Water Treatment Training Courses
Marine Environment Protection (N)


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