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Maintenance Contracting & Outsourcing Course


In today's competitive landscape, assets' availability and reliability are paramount. A significant shift in maintenance is the tendency to outsource maintenance tasks to adept contractors, promoting efficiency and focus.

Outsourcing contracts, particularly maintenance, is increasingly recognized as a strategic approach to managing the delicate relationship between service providers and clients. These contracts encompass both internal and external collaborations. They address expectations, delineate responsibilities, and establish performance indicators.

This comprehensive course uncovers the intricate details of Maintenance Contracting and outsourcing, equipping participants with the knowledge to make informed decisions about which maintenance activities to outsource, the process of selecting the best maintenance contractor, and tips on efficiently evaluating the performance of all involved parties.

A wide array of contract types will be explored, offering insights into maximizing contract benefits, sidestepping potential setbacks, and, ultimately, enhancing asset performance. Real-world maintenance contracts utilized across various industries will also be scrutinized, allowing participants to compare and contrast with those used within their organizations.

Targeted Groups:

  • All professionals engaged in procurement and supply chain management.
  • All professionals involved in negotiating, managing, and validating maintenance contracts.
  • Teams establishing a maintenance contract will benefit from attending this seminar as a cohesive unit.
  • Individuals seeking to broaden their knowledge about Maintenance Contracts and Outsourcing.

Course Objectives:

Participants completing this maintenance outsourcing and contract management course will be able to:

  • Make well-reasoned choices about outsourcing maintenance activities.
  • Benefit from the features, functionalities, and advantages of streamlined maintenance contracts.
  • Identify and apply the most appropriate maintenance contract types, including Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Specify service levels and oversee contractor performance effectively.
  • Craft and negotiate a solid maintenance contract.
  • Identify and avoid common pitfalls found within the domain.
  • Recognize the pitfalls.
  • Objectively evaluate the performance of all parties involved.
  • Implement strategies for successful maintenance contract management.

Targeted Competencies:

Target competencies completing this maintenance outsourcing and contract management course will:

  • Insights into Outsourcing considerations.
  • Types of Contracting, including Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Harnessing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Monitor Contractor Performance.
  • Proficiency in Developing Contracts.
  • Mastering the Contracting Cycle.
  • Enhancing Negotiating Skills.
  • Continuous Improvement and Performance Management techniques for evaluating the performance of all parties involved.

Understanding Maintenance Outsourcing and Contract Management:

This maintenance outsourcing and contract management course delves into the definition of contract outsourcing, shedding light on the spectrum of maintenance outsourcing contracts and their implications.

Frameworks and guidelines for developing maintenance outsourcing contracts will be explored, clarifying a maintenance contract query for professionals.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Outsourcing Considerations:

  • Introduction to outsourcing.
  • Asset management.
  • Exploring the business impact of structured maintenance.
  • Critical considerations when outsourcing maintenance tasks.
  • Weighing the pros and cons: what to outsource vs. what not to.
  • Identifying the inherent risks of maintenance outsourcing.

Unit 2: Understanding Maintenance Contracts:

  • Types and varieties of Maintenance Contracts.
  • Defining parties involved in the contracting process.
  • The Tendering Process.
  • Modern Tendering strategies are employed today.
  • Criteria for selecting the right maintenance outsourcing partner.
  • Strategies to accurately cost services in an outsourcing contract agreement.
  • Setting and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for optimal performance assessment.
  • Use of Balanced Scorecard with Performance Contracts.

Unit 3: Developing the Maintenance Contract:

  • Vendor Management and its significance.
  • The contracting cycle, from inception to conclusion.
  • Forming a focused team to tackle contract maintenance.
  • Determining and specifying service levels required.
  • Writing the Contract.
  • Contents of a Maintenance Contract.
  • Implementing and overseeing contract management outsourcing.
  • How to make it work?
  • Effective methods for performance management.
  • Periodic assessment for improvement.

Unit 4: Grounding and Negotiating the Contract:

  • Establishing expectations regarding availability, reliability, and costs.
  • Examining extensive preventive maintenance schedules.
  • Unveiling common strategies utilized by maintenance contractors.
  • Seven steps to construct a Risk-Based Maintenance Concept.
  • Employing the Maintenance Concept in negotiations for leaner maintenance contracts.
  • The art of negotiation - understanding tactics and ploys.
  • Practical negotiation tips.

Unit 5: Development of a Maintenance Contract:

  • Outlining the requirements and expected service levels.
  • Crafting the proposal.
  • Select criteria that determine the maintenance contract's meaning and efficiency.
  • The process of presenting the bid.
  • Finalizing and closing the outsourcing maintenance contract.
  • Evaluating the outcomes ensures that the meaning of a successful comprehensive maintenance contract is understood and achieved.


By incorporating these elements into the maintenance outsourcing and contract management course, participants will not only receive contract management training but also become adept in all aspects of the often complex world of maintenance contracts and outsourcing.

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