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Cooling Towers: Operation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting


Cooling Towers are considered a vital element of the overall water-cooling system in power generation plants, as well as in-process and petrochemical plants. The efficiency of cooling towers relies on the accurate and reliable information on the outdoor wet bulb temperature, required to avoid cooling tower increased water and energy usage and reduced lifetime of fans and pumps. Operations of cooling towers in general faces many safety and health challenges related to the use of water, which requires continuous control of corrosion rate and microbiological growth, the corresponding chemical and physical water treatments represent an important element in the overall energy consumption.

This course will cover many important aspects of cooling tower process control, correct operation, and water management. Methods of efficiency improvement of the cooling tower operation will be explained and discussed. Best practices for preventive and corrective maintenance as well as problem solving, and troubleshooting will be illustrated through several real-world case studies and presented in the form of workshops. Maintenance and repair of the auxiliary mechanical equipment such as fans and pumps will be explained in detail

Targeted Groups:

  • Engineers and Technicians in Process Plants
  • Cooling Tower Operators and Supervisors
  • Technical Personnel in Charge of Maintenance and Repair
  • Technicians and Operators dealing with HVAC Installations

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Analyze the role of the cooling tower in the plant’s overall water-cooling system
  • Understand the operation and efficiency of different types of cooling towers
  • Explore the elements of safety of chemical and physical water treatment
  • Learn about the performance monitoring and record-keeping
  • Identify the important steps in the inspection of cooling towers
  • Learn about the best practices for preventive maintenance of the cooling tower

Targeted Competencies:

  • Better understanding of cooling tower technologies
  • Understanding water treatments effective methods
  • Understanding chemical reaction inside cooling towers
  • Knowledge about effective operation and maintenance of cooling towers
  • Complete understanding of water treatment and its impact on performance
  • Knowledge to perform effective inspection & preventive maintenance of equipment
  • Skill to perform RBI and FMEA for cooling towers, most modern and new techniques

Course Content:
Unit 1: Overview of Cooling Towers and Applications:

  • Cooling Towers Types and System Configurations
  • Main Construction Elements
  • Essential cooling tower treatments
  • Why treat the waters?
  • Explain the cyclic process in cooling towers
  • Associated Equipment: Air Fans and Circulating Water Pumps
  • Installation Considerations: Recirculation and Environmental Issues
  • Cooling Tower Accessories and Options; Filters and Vortex Breakers

Unit 2: Operation and Efficiency:

  • Cooling Load Profile, Water Temperature Range, Approach and Drift Loss
  • Define efficiency in cooling towers
  • Operation of Cooling Towers: Regular and Intermittent Use: Year-Round Plan
  • Modern controls and techniques in cooling towers
  • PLC and DCS explanation for cooling towers control systems
  • Water quality requirements and how to measure
  • Cooling Tower Start-Up & Shut Down: Efficiency of Operation
  • Efficiency Considerations: Ways to Improve Overall Performance

Unit 3: Operation and Water Management:

  • Cooling Water Quality Management: Treatment and Monitoring
  • Water Treatment System Controls: Chemical Dosing
  • Bleed-Off Water Quality Control
  • Secondary efficiency measure
  • Concentration ratio measurement
  • Cathodic protection techniques to increase lifetime
  • Modern coating techniques  

Unit 4: Water Treatment and Control:

  • Corrosion: Causes, Problems and Prevention Methods
  • Chemical Water Treatment: Inhibitors and Passive Methods: DCC Control
  • Explain Basic motors types in Cooling towers
  • Prober connection for all accessories (Electrical, Instrumentation)
  • Grounding connection
  • Physical Water Treatment Methods: Filtration Systems and Efficiency

Unit 5: Maintenance, Repairs, and Troubleshooting:

  • Maintenance & Repair: Routine and Preventive Best Practices
  • Inspection Check List for Mechanical Equipment: Fans and Pumps
  • Applying FMEA, DFMEA and PFMEA modern techniques to extend the lifetime
  • Safe operation as per manufactures
  • Different tests must be applied for all auxiliary systems
  • Risk Management of Cooling Tower System
  • Occupational Health & Safety Considerations

Electrical, Renewable Energy, Power, DCS Courses
Cooling Towers: Operation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting (L9079)


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