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Electrical, Renewable Energy, Power, DCS Training Courses

5-Day Mini Master in Power, Electricity, and Industry Infrastructure


This training course encompasses the three major aspects of all electrical installation networks worldwide. This course has been designed to provide a clear and perfect understanding of the principles, characteristics, construction, and selection of power transmission, distribution of electricity, and the state of the art digital industry infrastructure. The thermal energy mode of electric power generation is now gradually superseded by green and clean energy predominantly by solar and wind power hence provide power transmission.

The smart grid and microgrids are current trends in the electricity distribution networks. Intelligent sensors with artificial intelligence capabilities are incorporated into these grids for the distribution of electricity. The industry infrastructure has made significant progress by incorporating electrical equipment that will reduce carbon footprint and subsequently reduce the global warming potential substantially. Digital substations are mushrooming as efficient infrastructure components and equipment has great reliance in the internet of things (IoT) technologies. Smart digital transformers are emerging rapidly with the onset of industry infrastructure digitalization. The retro filling of new ester oil as a substitute for mineral oil in transformers is fast gaining prominence as it increases the safety of transformer installations

Targeted Groups:

  • Electrical Power Engineers
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Electrical Supervisors
  • Engineering Professionals
  • Managers of the electrical engineering department

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate the various types of power generation including renewables
  • Understand the various importance of power component namely the active power, reactive power, and apparent power
  • Appreciate the merits and importance of renewable energy
  • Understand and describe the smart grids and microgrids
  • Recognize the importance of digital industry infrastructure

Targeted Competencies:

  • Thermal Power Generation VS Clean and Green Power Generation
  • Design and characteristics of solar and wind power generation
  • Features of smart grids and microgrids
  • Energy storage and interconnecting renewable energy.
  • Construction and components of digital substations
  • Digital industry equipment of industry infrastructure

Course Content:
Unit 1: Overview of Conventional Power Generation and Renewables:

  • Fundamentals of Thermal Power Generation
  • Characteristics of Nuclear Power Generation
  • Shift to Renewable Energy Generation
  • Characteristics of Solar Power and Photo Voltaic Cells
  • Wind Turbines Power Generation Components and Operations
  • Geothermal and Hydro Power Generation

Unit 2: Flexible AC Transmission Systems and Significance of Active Power, Reactive Power, and Apparent Power:

  • The Generator Capability Curve
  • Impact of Power Factor and Importance of Reactive Power
  • Merits of Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS)
  • Instrument Transformers for Power Measurement
  • Common Power Quality Issues
  • The Triple Harmonics Effects and Mitigation Techniques

Unit 3: Smart Grid Transitions and Distributed Energy Resources:

  • Characteristics and Architecture of Smart Grids
  • Smart Grid Optimization
  • Role of Smart Grids and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Operations and Merits of Microgrids
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Energy Storage for Renewables

Unit 4: Smart Transformer Constructional and Characteristics, Digital Substation:

  • Characteristics of a Smart Transformer
  • Smart Transformer for Distribution System
  • Digital Transformer Characteristics and Merits
  • Role of Digital Transformers in the Grid
  • Digital Substation Architecture
  • Merits of Digital Substation Integration and Renewable Energy

Unit 5: Global Warming Potential and Carbon Footprint Reduction Infrastructure Equipment:

  • Natural Esters Specifications, Characteristics and Performance
  • Power Transformers with Natural Ester based Oils
  • Gas Insulated Transformer with SF6 Alternative
  • Eco-friendly Gas Insulated Substation
  • New Vacuum Clear Air Switchgears

Electrical, Renewable Energy, Power, DCS Training Courses
5-Day Mini Master in Power, Electricity, and Industry Infrastructure (L9071)


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