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Documents and Records Management (Document Control Specialist) Course


Managing a growing volume of documents and records can be challenging. This document control course focuses on effective strategies, tools, and technologies essential to categorizing, managing, storing, preserving, and delivering documents and records in line with business processes. Dive into the core components of ISO 15489 to embrace compliance with best practices in records management.

Enhance your expertise in document control and records management with this comprehensive course designed to take you on a journey through the world of managing important documentation.

Align your skills with industry standards, including records management ISO 15489 and information security ISO 27001, to ensure compliance and security in handling your organization's data resources.

Learn the intricacies of managing both paper and electronic records, enhance your understanding of best practices, and get introduced to the latest technological solutions.

What is a Record Management Course?

This document control and records management course embodies proper document and record management principles and practices. From understanding the document life cycle to implementing comprehensive records management systems in compliance with ISO 15489, this certification training is tailored to prepare professionals to effectively oversee their organization's documentation infrastructure.

Targeted Groups:

  • Professionals and leaders looking to master document management strategies to enhance organizational efficiency.
  • Individuals stepping into leadership roles need to manage paper and electronic documents effectively.
  • Information Security Professionals.
  • Document Controllers, Administrators, and Management Supervisors.
  • Document and Records Management Personnel.
  • Executives.
  • Users of Document and Records Management Systems.
  • Personnel are aiming to upgrade their document control and records management expertise.

Course Objectives:

Participants will leave the document control and record management course with the ability to:

  • Grasp the document and records management lifecycle.
  • Understand the ISO 15489 records management standard.
  • Apply the steps to implement a records management system based on ISO 15489.
  • Develop a comprehensive document and records management plan.
  • Use workflows, business processes, and collaboration to manage information and content.
  • Evaluate industry-leading solutions and technologies.
  • Utilize metadata, classification schemes, and retention plans.
  • Recognize pertinent legislation, standards, and regulations.
  • Install efficient search and retrieval systems.
  • Enforce appropriate access controls and security measures.
  • Set up robust storage models and technologies with a secure audit trail.

Targeted Competencies:

Target competencies will leave the document control and record management course with the ability to:

  • Mastery of the key concepts and architectural scope in document management.
  • Development of meaningful business cases and identification of business requirements.
  • Using the concepts of document and records management to deliver business drivers.
  • Integration of document and records management across the organization.
  • Formulation of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy in parallel with document and records management.
  • A thorough grasp of ISO 15489 and ISO 27001.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Strategy and Understanding Key Elements of Documents and Records Management Compliance:

  • Introduction to Document and Records Management.
  • Overview of ISO 15489 Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Developing Business Cases and Drivers.
  • Business requirements for managing documents and records.
  • Managing information as an asset.
  • Understanding key terminology.
  • Strategies for documents and records management.
  • Insights into Information Governance.

Unit 2: Concepts and Setup Components:

  • The lifecycle of documents and records.
  • Capture and Storage Management.
  • Storage and Handling.
  • Preservation and Archiving.
  • Metadata and Indexing.
  • Classification schemes and their importance.
  • Search and retrieval techniques.
  • Establishing controls and ensuring security.
  • Legislation, standards, and regulatory compliance.

Unit 3: Process and Delivery:

  • Information gathering, auditing, and surveying techniques.
  • Crafting a Compelling Business Case.
  • Clarifying Business Requirements.
  • Detailed study of ISO 15489 Part 1.
  • Setting ISO 15489 policies and standards.
  • Assigning responsibilities and authorities.
  • Establishing procedures and guidelines.
  • Using a Business Classification Scheme.
  • Understanding IT infrastructure details.
  • Preparing a Model Office and Rollout Strategy.

Unit 4: Implementation Planning:

  • Detailed implementation planning.
  • Deep dive into ISO 15489 Part 2.
  • Designing specialized systems for managing records.
  • Integrating records management into business systems and processes.
  • Monitoring compliance through an information audit.
  • Planning projects and programs effectively.

Unit 5: Compliance and Security:

  • Data as Basic Asset of the Enterprise.
  • Management of Data Architecture.
  • Management of Data Quality.
  • Management of Metadata.
  • Data Security and Warehousing Management.


Upon completing this course, participants will be eligible for a Records Management Certification, signaling a commitment to document control and records management excellence. Additional training materials, case studies, and best practice guidelines will be provided to help practitioners implement what they have learned effectively in their work environments.

Embark on this document controller training course and certificate in records management course to elevate your career competencies. By mastering documents and records management, you will become an integral asset to any organization, ensuring the integrity, accessibility, and security of vital information.

Document Management Training & Certification Courses
Documents and Records Management (Document Control Specialist) Course (DM)


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