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Information & Documentation Compliance Course


This information and documentation compliance course provides advanced strategies, tools, and techniques for capturing, categorizing, managing, storing, preserving, and delivering critical information and documentation for compliance purposes.

The information and documentation compliance training course aligns with internationally recognized ISO standards, including ISO9001, ISO15489 (Records Management), and ISO27001 (Information Security).

In today's digital age, businesses and institutions manage an ever-increasing volume of documents, many of which exist solely electronically. Consequently, data management, compliance documentation, and security are integral components of an effective enterprise content management system (ECM).

Legal, audit, and compliance documentation needs are becoming increasingly complex as businesses deal with a massive proliferation of vital documentation and records. These can include contracts, financial records, project information, and traditional signed paper documents, all of which contribute to a growing repository of business records that must be managed effectively.

Training Effectiveness and the Control of Documented Information Course:

Participants who engage with all aspects of this course on controlling documented information will be well-equipped to address modern enterprises' information and documentation challenges.

By thoroughly understanding the information compliance criteria and incorporating the knowledge into their organizational practices, individuals can ensure that their document management systems meet compliance standards.

The information and documentation compliance course not only presents theoretical aspects but also strongly emphasizes practical application, with the ultimate goal of empowering professionals to achieve and maintain excellence in information and documentation compliance.

Targeted Groups:

  • Document Managers and Controllers.
  • Secretaries and Administrators seek to improve their efficiency and effectiveness and hone skills that will benefit their career progression.
  • Individuals are operating in office roles that support management or project teams.
  • This information and documentation compliance training is for those looking to develop practical skills and personal competencies in an office environment.

Course Objectives:

Participants will complete this information and documentation compliance course with the ability to:

  • Grasp the concept and significance of information and documentation compliance.
  • Comprehend compliance documentation regulations, standards, and best practices.
  • Develop information and documentation policies and procedures.
  • Formulate standards, including information security standards.
  • Craft an information and documentation action plan tailored to their organization.
  • Extract insights from best practice implementations and case studies.
  • Master advanced concepts in managing compliance documents.
  • Evaluate industry-leading solutions and vendors in the marketplace.
  • Use metadata, business classification schemes, and taxonomies to establish a retention plan.
  • Implement legislation, standards, and regulations effectively.
  • Construct advanced policies and procedures.
  • Establish access controls and security procedures.
  • Develop storage models, audit trails, and storage technologies.
  • Understand the Data Management Body of Knowledge principles.

Targeted Competencies:

Target competencies will complete this information and documentation compliance course with the ability to:

  • Craft advanced information and document management policies.
  • Learn about procedures and standards, including adherence to ISO15489, ISO9001, and ISO27001.
  • Employ key strategies for satisfying compliance, legal, and audit requirements.
  • Utilize business tools for records management, such as electronic file plans, retention and disposal rules, security protocols, archiving, confidentiality, and privacy.
  • Integrate both hardcopy and electronic document compliance systems and records management systems organization-wide.
  • Recognize the impact of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy in coalescence with records management and information security.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Strategy and Understanding Key Elements:

  • Introduction to Information and Documentation Management.
  • Examination of Standards: ISO9001, ISO27001, and ISO15489.
  • Conducting Information and Documentation Audits.
  • Development of File Plans, Metadata Plans, Retention Schedules, and other Information Controls.

Unit 2: Concepts and Set-up Components:

  • Understanding Compliance, Control of Documented Information, and Security.
  • Legislation, Standards, and Regulation.
  • Business Classification Schemes and Taxonomy.
  • The Fundamentals of Document Control.
  • Key Aspects of Security and Compliance.

Unit 3: IT Process and Delivery:

  • Evaluation of IT Information and Documentation Management Systems.
  • Scanning, Storage, and Archiving Systems that Uphold Compliance.
  • Legalities associated with Scanning.
  • Document Compliance with Archiving and Retention Requirements.
  • Digital Signatures and Digital Rights Management.

Unit 4: Implementation Planning:

  • Crafting an Implementation Plan.
  • Action Planning for Information and Documentation Compliance.
  • Developing Policies and Procedures.
  • Formulating a Comprehensive Action Plan.

Unit 5: Data Management Compliance and Security:

  • The Role of Data as an Essential Asset of the Enterprise.
  • Managing Data Architecture Effectively.
  • Master and Reference Data Management.
  • Upholding Data Quality Management.
  • Metadata Management Techniques.
  • Data Security and Data Warehousing Management.

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Information & Documentation Compliance Course (DM)


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