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Effective Negotiation, Persuasion, and Critical Thinking Seminar


Alliances in business are a natural route for development, but not all contracting relationships can truly be seen as alliances. A good, trusting, and open relationship is essential for a long-term and successful alliance, and this requires effective negotiation training and influence and persuasion skills, which need to be consistently practiced by the negotiators involved.

Negotiation is inevitably at the heart of every process to achieve what you want, whether in an agreement, bargaining for an item, or closing a deal. At the end of each negotiation, the goal is to seek a win-win outcome, which is an essential characteristic of long-lasting alliances.

This negotiation, persuasion skills, and critical thinking training provides an essential framework for effective negotiation, which is vital for building and utilizing an alliance. Skills such as critical and persuasion training help prioritize goals and build meaningful relationships.

Targeted Groups:

  • Personnel from a wide range of business disciplines.
  • Delegates wishing to develop advanced negotiation skills.
  • Delegates who frequently collaborate with external suppliers or customers.
  • Departmental Heads are required to form interdepartmental alliances to achieve results.

Seminar Objectives:

At the end of this negotiation, persuasion skills, and critical thinking seminar, the participants will be able to:

  • Develop a framework for analyzing current alliances and develop an effective negotiation plan and strategy.
  • Practice and refine negotiation and persuasion skills training.
  • Employ appropriate behaviors for each negotiation stage to deliver results.
  • Recognize and counter the most common negotiating ploys.
  • Prioritize and plan their negotiation strategy with critical thinking training.
  • Describe how to analyze business alliances effectively.
  • Understand how to apply influence and persuasion skills during negotiation.
  • Manage aggressive tactics used by difficult negotiators.
  • Understand the key principles of persuasion and their importance to negotiation.

Targeted Competencies:

At the end of this negotiation, persuasion skills, and critical thinking workshop, the target competencies will:

  • Build prospering alliances through constructive relationships.
  • Expertise in persuasion and influencing others convincingly.
  • Apply the critical elements of influence.
  • Efficient communication skills for sending persuasive messages.
  • Advanced critical thinking training seminar principles.

Seminar Content:

Unit 1: Developing Alliances:

  • The strategic alliance characteristics – effects of market dominance.
  • Culture and perception’s role in building alliances.
  • Building trust through communication and achieving results by understanding the alliance lifecycle.
  • Personality analysis – strengths and weaknesses in negotiations.
  • Minimizing communication blockers to maintain robust relationships.
  • Development review and action planning.

Unit 2: Influence and Persuasion Skills in Managing The Alliance:

  • Tackling challenging situations with group and individual strategies.
  • Listening – the powerful, but often underestimated, tool in influence.
  • Rules for influential presentations to maximize impact.
  • Synchronizing body language with logic, credibility, and passion.
  • Constructive feedback and action planning.

Unit 3: Strategy in Negotiation Skills for Partners and Allies:

  • Steps in achieving win/win negotiation.
  • Collaborative bargaining keys in partnering.
  • Understanding and utilizing leverage effectively.
  • Negotiation tactics and ploys.
  • Handling difficult negotiators and overcoming negotiation barriers.
  • Ethics and their role in negotiation.

Unit 4: Higher Level Negotiation Skills for Challenging Situations:

  • Interpreting signals and informal information to advantage.
  • Recovering from negotiation setbacks with advanced strategies.
  • Establishing a climate of trust.
  • Advanced conversation techniques for critical negotiations.
  • Focusing actions on the needs of alliance partners.

Unit 5: Maintaining Alliances: Critical Thinking for Decision-Making:

  • Taking control through formal and informal information channels.
  • Identifying sources and rigorously testing assumptions.
  • Effective framing of problems.
  • Making decisions under pressure.
  • Strategic alliances review and build a personal action plan.


Throughout the negotiation, persuasion skills, and critical thinking conference, participants will engage in various persuasion, negotiation skills, and advanced negotiation skills training to ensure they leave with a comprehensive understanding and practical expertise to thrive in complex negotiation scenarios.

Enhance your abilities in persuasion skills training, influence, persuasion training, negotiation and persuasion, and mastering negotiation and influence through this comprehensive negotiation, persuasion skills, and critical thinking seminar.

The Best Professional Conferences, Workshops and Seminars
Effective Negotiation, Persuasion, and Critical Thinking Seminar (C)


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