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Security Management, Planning & Asset Protection Conference


Security management, planning, and asset protection are critical for any leading business's growth and development. Effective security management, well-trained personnel, and systems should integrate seamlessly to protect key assets without hindering business operations.

The development of companies brings along a range of risks and threats, originating internally, such as through Personnel and IT Systems, and externally from natural disasters or terrorist activities. Not all threats are within the direct control of security management, but successful security management ensures identification, risk evaluation, and implementation of adequate safeguards for company assets. These include Crisis Management Planning and Business Continuity Plans.

Risk Analysis and Security Surveys are indispensable tools for security and management professionals. They provide an objective means to identify and quantify risks at various levels. By offering evidence-based assessments, these tools facilitate gaining executive support.

This security management, planning, and asset protection conference aims to equip delegates with industry best practices in risk assessment, asset identification, vulnerability assessments, and protective measure documentation to mitigate risks and liabilities.

In contemporary business settings, it's essential to realize that security departments and personnel are integral to the corporate structure. Security professionals must be capable of managing and leading teams to develop and implement security plans that align with corporate objectives. They must also be informed of industry needs, team dynamics, and the specifics of security projects.

This security management, planning, and asset protection conference is designed to provide participants with specialized knowledge in security planning and asset protection, enabling them to perform their Management and supervisory roles to international standards.

Understanding Asset Protection Training:

Attendees of this asset protection workshop or seminar can anticipate an interactive and hands-on learning experience. The sessions are created to assist security asset protection professionals in systematically engaging with security management conferences and seminars, integrating theory with best practice strategies.

The security management, planning, and asset protection program promises to be dynamic, covering everything from asset protection management to the nuances of protection of assets security management. The asset protection and security content provided here is invaluable for professionals committed to protecting their organization's assets and ensuring the safety of their operational environment.

Targeted Groups:

  • Security Supervisors and Managers.
  • HSSE and Fire Personnel.
  • Facility or Building Managers.

Conference Objectives:

By the end of this security management, planning, and asset protection conference, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and apply best management practices.
  • Plan and effectively implement security projects.
  • Develop protection programs for both intellectual and physical assets.
  • Lead a proactive and professional security team.

Targeted Competencies:

By the end of this security management, planning, and asset protection conference, participants competencies will:

  • Management skills.
  • Techniques and Practices in Management.
  • Specialist Security knowledge and awareness.
  • Preparation and planning skills.
  • Problem-solving and analytical thinking.

Security Management and Asset Protection Training:

The security management, planning, and asset protection conference discusses security management training. It offers insights into obtaining asset protection security certifications. Participants will explore the definitions of asset protection and security, delve into asset protection planning, and learn how security management plans can be applied practically.

This security management, planning, and asset protection program is an excellent opportunity for those seeking asset protection professional certification or refining their integrated security training skills.

Evidence suggests that a comprehensive approach to asset protection and Management addresses the protection of assets and enhances organizational resilience. Seminar discussions will cover various topics, from asset protection training to safety and security management, ensuring participants walk away with a holistic understanding of the field.

As part of our commitment to continuous professional development, attending this asset protection conference or workshop will significantly contribute to professional credentials, such as a certificate in security management.

Conference Content:

Unit 1: Issues of Security Management:

  • Strategic and Operation Management.
  • The Management of Risk.
  • Crime Management and Prevention.
  • Management Standards.

Unit 2: The Importance of Security Planning:

  • Legal Obligations.
  • Loss of Reputation.
  • Planning and Managing Security Projects.
  • Principles of Emergency Response and Recovery.

Unit 3: Threats to Assets:

  • Understanding Loss.
  • Key Point Identification.
  • Risk Analysis.
  • Security Survey.
  • Intellectual Property/Computer Security.
  • Evacuation Planning.

Unit 4: Principles of Asset Protection:

  • Physical Security.
  • Perimeter Security and Access Control.
  • Security Lighting.
  • Communication and Control Centres.
  • Investigations / Interviewing.
  • Special Risks.

Unit 5: Implementing Asset Protection Program:

  • Crisis Management Plans.
  • Business Continuity Plans.
  • Mutual Aid.
  • Communication Strategies.
  • Dealing with the Media.

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Security Management, Planning & Asset Protection Conference (C)


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