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Mastering People Management & Team Leadership Conference


In this team leadership and people management skills conference, participants will understand that transitioning from individual contributor to team leader or line manager is a pivotal moment in one's career. This elevated role demands a synthesis of organizational skills and the ability to navigate the complexities of customer and team needs.

This team leadership and people management skills conference equip attendees with versatile tools, bolstering their confidence in making strategic decisions while focusing on the key performance indicators that drive organizational success.

What is People Management?

To understand people management, we would delve into its essence, which involves guiding, inspiring, and coordinating a team toward achieving collective goals. This includes understanding team dynamics, providing clear direction, and fostering an environment conducive to growth and productivity.

Targeted Groups:

  • Mid-level managers.
  • Supervisors.
  • Team leaders.
  • Employees are on track to managerial or supervisory roles.

Conference Objectives:

By the conclusion of this team leadership and people management skills conference, participants will:

  • Comprehend their dual role as a manager and a leader within their organization.
  • Establish and communicate clear objectives and performance standards for their team.
  • Employ effective prioritization and delegation techniques to manage their workload efficiently.
  • Refine their influencing skills to guide their teams and shape outcomes effectively.
  • Construct and sustain an effective team dynamic.
  • Identify and develop the capabilities of individual team members, promoting internal growth.

Targeted Competencies:

By the conclusion of this team leadership and people management skills workshop, the target competencies will:

  • Leadership acumen.
  • Strategies for team development.
  • Communication prowess.
  • Adaptability to disengage from daily pressures and focus on macro-level objectives.
  • Mastery of time management.
  • Utilization of influential negotiation techniques.
  • Delegation strategies and the empowering nature of Delegation.
  • Motivational capacities to drive team performance.

Conference Content:

Unit 1: Understanding Your Role:

  • The distinction and synergy between leader and manager roles.
  • Personal self-awareness and self-perception in leadership.
  • Identifying and exceeding organizational expectations outside of traditional job descriptions.
  • Managing the needs of diverse stakeholders.
  • Comprehension of change dynamics within the organization.
  • Models and strategies for effective change implementation.

Unit 2: Personal Effectiveness, Time Management, and Delegation:

  • Insight into personal and organizational behaviors.
  • Outcome-driven action planning.
  • Setting and tracking personal and team objectives.
  • Strategies for effective performance management.
  • Analyzing and utilizing time effectively.
  • Frameworks for successful Delegation and empowerment.

Unit 3: Communication, Influence, and Conflict Management:

  • Exploring effective channels of communication within the team.
  • Advancing listening skills for enhanced team rapport.
  • Emotional intelligence and building relationships.
  • Techniques to personal influence: persuasion and negotiation skills.
  • Strategies for assertively managing and resolving conflicts.

Unit 4: Team Building, People Management, and Motivation:

  • The function and characteristics of high-performance teams.
  • Discover various team roles and their significance.
  • Practical team-building exercises to reinforce team dynamics.
  • Theories of motivation and their practical applications.
  • Developing and sharing an inspiring vision.
  • Exploring diverse leadership styles and their impact.

Unit 5: Enhancing Team Performance through Coaching and Development:

  • Understanding the mechanisms of learning within a team.
  • Utilizing coaching to foster personal and team development.
  • Improving feedback delivery skills.
  • Crafting development plans for continued growth.
  • Setting consecutive goals and planning for continual improvement.

Conclusion and Next Steps:

The team leadership and people management skills conference will culminate with an action planning session, ensuring that participants leave with a clear set of steps to translate the knowledge and skills acquired into tangible improvements in their workplace.

By incorporating principles of organizational behavior for managing people and organizations and the various facets of team leadership, we aim to ensure that attendees comprehend leadership and people management and are ready to implement these concepts effectively.

The planned leadership and people management workshop activities are structured to enhance core competencies for mastering people management and team leadership.

Get ready to explore a transformative journey at this upcoming people management conference, seminar, and workshop designed for those who are ambitious in honing their managing people skills training and eager to lead their teams to success.

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