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Contracts Administration: From Award to Completion Conference


Every organization's objective is that the contracting process results in a fair and reasonable price for a high-quality, on-time deliverable. To meet this objective, world-class organizations view the application of best practices in contract administration after the award as an essential skill set needed by all employees involved in the contracting process.

In this contract administration training seminar, obtaining a contract administration certification symbolizes a professional's dedication to the field and an in-depth understanding of the contracting process.

A certified contract administrator possesses the essential contract administrator skills required to efficiently oversee the contract administration process, ensuring that contractual obligations are met and potential disputes are managed effectively.

Targeted Groups:

  • Contract Specialists and Professionals.
  • Contract and Project Administrators and Coordinators.
  • Contract Engineers and Contract Analysts.
  • Construction Contract and Project Managers.
  • Bids and Tenders Managers and Officers.
  • Buyers and other Purchasing Professionals.
  • Supply chain professionals are concerned with contract performance.
  • Anyone new to contract management and administration or those wishing to polish their contract administration skills.

Conference Objectives:

At the end of this contracts administrator skills conference, the participants will be able to:

  • Provide better outcomes from contracts.
  • Review Contract administration techniques.
  • Explore contract monitoring techniques.
  • Learn how to get fair treatment in contract changes.
  • Know how to analyze contracts.
  • Discuss contract termination issues.
  • Prepare for claims and disputes.
  • Review acceptance and Contract closeout issues.
  • Study the Inputs and outputs in contract administration.

Targeted Competencies:

By the end of this contracts administrator skills conference, the participant's competencies will:

  • Effective Contract Administration.
  • Interpretation of Contracts.
  • Maintaining Contract Schedules.
  • Controlling Contract Changes.

Contract Administrator Skills Training:

The conference provides an in-depth contract administrator training opportunity for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge of the contract administration domain.

This contract administration training seminar covers various topics, from fundamental responsibilities to sophisticated processes and professional growth.

Conference Content:

Unit 1: Objectives of Contract Administration:

  • Effective Contract Administration.
  • The Most Critical Elements.
  • Key Players In Contract Administration.
  • Post-Award Conference.
  • Analysis Of The Contract.
  • Establishing Major Deliverables.
  • What Needs To Be Measured?

Unit 2: Outputs and Contract Types:

  • Typical Outputs Of Contract Administration.
  • Monitoring Techniques.
  • Identify The Risk.
  • Responses To Risk.
  • Contract Types.
  • Administration In Cost Type Contracts.
  • Economic Price Adjustments.

Unit 3: Maintaining Schedules and Contract Changes:

  • Maintaining Contract Schedules.
  • Expediting Techniques.
  • Major Causes Of Changes.
  • Contract Price Changes.
  • Evaluating Price Changes.
  • Practical Considerations for Bonds and Guarantees.
  • Types of Bonds and Guarantees.

Unit 4: Issues in Contract Performance:

  • Contract Terminations.
  • Service Level Termination Event.
  • What Constitutes a Breach?
  • Responding To A Breach.
  • Right To Cover.
  • Manuals And Drawings.
  • Supplier/Contractor Relations.
  • Subcontractor Issues.

Unit 5: Acceptance and Closeout:

  • Warranties.
  • Source Code Escrows.
  • Forms Of Payment.
  • Progress Payments.
  • Claims and Disputes.
  • Negotiation Of Claims And Disputes.
  • Final Acceptance.
  • Closeout Procedures.
  • Post Contract Review Meeting.


This comprehensive contract administration conference serves as a critical junction for those dedicated to mastering the intricacies of contract administration. Moreover, the event's contract administration workshop format allows for interactive learning, networking, and the exchange of best practices among peers.

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Contracts Administration: From Award to Completion Conference (C)


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