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Leadership, Influence & Trust: Creating Professional Strategies Conference


What do we mean by leadership? Where does influence fit in? And what role does trust play in this dynamic? Within professional development, these concepts form the backbone of a leadership training strategy. Modern leadership, influence strategy, and trust-building training are grounded in the understanding that the foundation of trust and leadership upon which influence is built is critical for success.

Best practices in leadership, influence strategy, and trust-building are chosen by world-class leaders who have used their influence and solid leadership trust to improve their environment, whether in government or business or enhance their organizations' success rate.

This leadership, influence strategy, and trust-building conference seeks to establish a leadership strategy by examining best practices from industry leaders whose techniques have proven effective in local and global markets. Participants will explore leadership and strategy and learn how to craft a narrative that embodies the essence of a thought leadership strategy.

By employing strategies for creating effective professional development, participants in this leadership, influence strategy, and trust-building conference will learn to earn trust in leadership principles and understand the importance of trust and influence in leadership.

This leadership, influence strategy, and trust-building conference, utilizing case studies, interactive activities, and group discussions, offers a blend of theory and practical application designed to empower leaders to drive change and innovation.

Targeted Groups:

  • Managers at all managerial levels.
  • Supervisors and Team Leaders.
  • Employees seeking to advance their leadership skills and career.

Conference Objectives:

By the end of this leadership, influence strategy, and trust-building conference, participants will be able to:

  • Identify best practices of historical and contemporary leaders and apply their principles today.
  • Articulate the critical role of leadership in business and policy strategy.
  • Evaluate personal leadership capabilities and identify areas for development.
  • Understand the functions of effective leadership in any organization.
  • Implement a change management model and the process of planning, communicating, and executing change.
  • Build and re-establish trust within an organization.
  • Develop strategies to foster a positive work environment that encourages leadership and continuous improvement.
  • Harness "inner power" to increase self-confidence and influence.
  • Maximize productivity among team members.
  • Cultivate a culture that commands respect through innovation and new ideas.

Targeted Competencies:

By the end of this leadership, influence strategy, and trust-building conference, the target audience will be able to:

  • Leadership skills and leadership balance.
  • Building trust and earning loyalty.
  • Transforming individuals into productive and committed team members.
  • Executing effective change management.
  • Strategic planning for the future.
  • Leading by example and personal excellence.
  • Personal development strategies.
  • Commanding respect and fostering innovation.

Conference Content:

Unit 1: Leadership and Influence Training: Understanding the Concepts:

  • Defining leadership roles.
  • Self-evaluation of leadership behaviors.
  • Embracing Leadership from Within.
  • Exploring models that guide thinking.
  • Applying the three lenses of leadership.

Unit 2: How a Leader Leads From Within Leadership Strategy:

  • Techniques to enhance self-knowledge.
  • The significance of self-reflection and self-esteem.
  • Analyzing personal thought processes.
  • The character of a leader and its impact.
  • Creating a nurturing leadership environment.
  • The importance of emotional intelligence in leadership.
  • A guide to recognizing your inner leader.
  • Achieving balance in mind, body, and spirit.

Unit 3: The Role of a Change Leader:

  • Navigating through transition and change.
  • Understanding and managing responses to change.
  • Building resilience during times of change.
  • Becoming an agent of environmental change.
  • Leveraging change and leadership models.
  • Effective communication during organizational change.
  • Managing the human dynamics of change.

Unit 4: Leadership Trust Training: How a Leader Builds Trust:

  • Exploring the essence of trust.
  • Benefits of Fostering a High-Trust Environment.
  • Recognizing behaviors that reduce trust.
  • Strategies for restoring breached trust.
  • Developing capacity for building and maintaining trust.
  • Wielding personal influence and political savvy.
  • Negotiating agreements with integrity and trust.

Unit 5: Fostering an Environment of High-Trust Leadership:

  • Focusing both on the mind and actionable goals.
  • Cultivating the Alliance Mindset.
  • Creating Win-Win solutions.
  • Practical tips for performance enhancement.
  • Advanced strategies for fostering leadership environments.
  • Knowledge checks to assess leadership understanding.
  • Identifying essential qualities of successful leaders.
  • Reflecting on success-driven questions.
  • Defining actionable steps towards enhancing leadership.

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Leadership, Influence & Trust: Creating Professional Strategies Conference (C)


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