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International Contracting Management Conference


International contracting management has a complex web of values, customs, regulations, and laws that business parties from different countries must carefully navigate. Local Terms and Conditions may not hold the same weight in a foreign environment, thus necessitating an international outlook and adaptability in corporate strategies.

In this international contracting management conference, recognizing these distinct challenges aims to equip attendees with the necessary skills and knowledge. The program provides insights into Global Sourcing and International Contracting and focuses on effectively operating within the international business arena.

Participants interested in formally recognizing their proficiency can opt for a contract management certification program or certificate. These programs are designed to validate the expertise gained in contract management training, such as those offered at the conference.

Attendees at this international contracting management workshop may also explore further seminars or courses on contract management to deepen their understanding and elevate their skills as international contract managers or international contract managers in international contract management.

Targeted Groups:

  • Purchasing, Projects, and Contracts Professionals.
  • Supply Management, Operations, and Maintenance Professionals.
  • Engineering and Quality Professionals.
  • Project Management Professionals.
  • Individuals involved or interested in international sourcing of goods or services and ethical or legal issues related to labor or health and safety standards.

Conference Objectives:

By the end of this comprehensive contract management training event, participants will have the insight to:

  • Comprehend the implications of fluctuating foreign currency exchange rates.
  • Construct International Contracts that safeguard their organization's interests while mitigating risks.
  • Understand and apply knowledge of International Labour Rates in contract management.
  • Master the global sourcing process and discover methods for finding reputable international suppliers.
  • Strategically select goods and services for global sourcing endeavors.
  • Identify and circumvent common pitfalls associated with changing suppliers.
  • Differentiate the various strategies for global sourcing and their respective advantages and drawbacks.

Targeted Competencies:

At the end of this international contracting management conference, the audience will be able to:

  • Utilizing International Sourcing Methods effectively.
  • Selecting suitable contract clauses for international agreements.
  • Formulating Delivered Prices for international transactions involving goods or services.
  • Finding and evaluating International Suppliers and Contractors.
  • Employing methods to offer currency protection in international contracts.
  • Analyzing International Labour Rates for optimal contract management.

Conference Content:

Unit 1: Why Global Sourcing?

  • Why Organizations Outsource?
  • Reasons For Going Global.
  • Using Global Sourcing To Penetrate Existing Markets.
  • The Global Sourcing Process.
  • International Labor Rates.
  • Process For Selecting Items Or Services for Global Sourcing.

Unit 2: Global Sourcing Approaches

  • Sales Offices Of Global Suppliers.
  • In Country Based 3rd Parties.
  • Overseas Sourcing Agents.
  • International Purchasing Offices.
  • Going Direct.
  • Identifying Potential Suppliers.
  • The Preliminary Interest Request.
  • Qualifying Potential Suppliers.
  • International Tenders.
  • Dealing With Other Cultures.

Unit 3: Developing The Landed Price:

  • Addressing International Pricing Issues.
  • Managing Currency Issues within Contracting.
  • Calculating Import Duties for accurate landed pricing.
  • Transportation considerations in contract management.
  • Applying INCOTERMS to international contracts.
  • The role of Brokers & Forwarders in contract fulfillment.
  • Negotiating favorable Payment Terms and Methods.

Unit 4: International Terms & Conditions:

  • The impact of CISG on international contracts.
  • Standard Terms and Conditions: where to find and how to use them.
  • The importance of the Critical Integration Clause.
  • Managing Liquidated Damages/Penalties.
  • The use of Bonds and Bank Guarantees in international contracts.
  • Changes Clauses and their implications.
  • Navigating Conflict of Laws and Choice of Law Clauses.
  • The mechanics of Suspension and Termination clauses.
  • Ensuring compliance with Acceptance Clauses.
  • Implementing Contract Clauses to Prevent Fraud & Corruption.

Unit 5: Negotiations, Resolution of Disputes, And Completion:

  • Best practices for International Negotiations.
  • Comprehensive International Contract Administration.
  • Preparation with a Before Shipment Checklist.
  • Ensuring readiness with an Export Checklist.
  • A detailed Shipping and Import Checklist.
  • Managing Warranty Issues in international dealings.
  • Constructing practical Dispute Resolution Clauses.

Successful International Contracting Conference Outcomes:

As an international contracting conference, attendees will depart with robust strategies, a richer understanding of international management contracts, and the confidence to handle the demands of an international contracts manager role. This contract management conference, accented with practical workshops and certification opportunities, positions professionals to thrive in the dynamic and multifaceted world of international contracting.

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