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Mastering Training Coordinators Skills Conference


Training Coordinators are pivotal in bridging the gap between training and performance needs. This training coordinators skills conference is designed to provide attendees with essential tools and techniques for effectively managing these critical training issues, amplifying their roles as corporate training specialists.

Enhancing Training Coordinator Certification and Expertise:

This training coordinators skills conference caters to those interested in a coordinator certification program or training coordinator training, providing an excellent opportunity for attendees to gain certification and develop critical skills essential for a training coordinator.

The training coordinators' skills conference sessions presented by experienced corporate training specialists will serve as a foundation for those looking to enhance their expertise and advance their careers through a coordinator training program.

Furthermore, this coordinator conference provides a platform for attendees to interact with peers, share challenges, and explore innovative methodologies during workshops and seminars, enriching the learning experience and offering a practical approach to training coordination.

Targeted Groups:

  • Training Professionals.
  • Training Coordinators.
  • Training Specialists.
  • HR Professionals.
  • Training Managers.

Conference Objectives:

By the end of this training coordinator skills conference, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze the contribution of Training and Development to business performance.
  • Reposition Training and Development with a measured approach.
  • Examine various administration systems and techniques.
  • Develop and enhance the profile for the role of a training coordinator.
  • Apply a new four-quadrant analysis model for individual performance issues.
  • Utilize the 10 steps in the training cycle effectively.
  • Plan actionable steps for application post-conference, including addressing training requirements.
  • Influence management to foster the practice of new skills.
  • Master the intricacies of training needs analysis, design, validation, and evaluation techniques.

Targeted Competencies:

By the end of this training coordinator skills conference, participants competencies will:

  • Working with people.
  • Presenting and communicating information.
  • Applying expertise and technology efficiently.
  • Adhering to instructions and procedures.
  • Planning and organizing tasks and projects.
  • Formulating concepts and business strategies.

Conference Content:

Unit 1: Designing Training and Development to Support Business Needs:

  • Understanding organizational change and its impact.
  • Positioning Training and Development for strategic success.
  • Aligning Training and Development with business needs.
  • Discussing the link between Training and Development activities and organizational success through case studies.

Unit 2: Clarifying/Developing The Role of a Training Coordinator:

  • The skills and attributes of a Training Coordinator.
  • How do people learn? When making training decisions.
  • Accounting for individuals' learning styles.
  • Resources planning - medium and long-term requirements.
  • Managing change - managing your training and development needs.

Unit 3: Training Needs Analysis (Corporate VS Individual Needs):

  • Examining the interplay between Training and Development and company performance.
  • Assessing training needs at the corporate level.
  • Identifying departmental and section training requirements.
  • Developing team training objectives, including Team Development Planning (TDP).
  • Creating Personal Development Plans and engaging in manpower/talent management.

Unit 4: Examination of Validation and Evaluation Techniques:

  • Delivering structured training programs effectively.
  • Employing the 10-step training model.
  • Using validation techniques and methodologies.
  • Constructing and implementing Evaluation Surveys.
  • Presenting results effectively through evaluation in action.

Unit 5: Budgets and Back-to-Work Planning:

  • Understanding the process for Training and Development budget planning.
  • Generating individual action plans and setting priorities.

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Mastering Training Coordinators Skills Conference (C)


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