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Leading with Confidence: Managing & Building Confidence through Communications Workshop


Looking at the most successful people within any business, you will see they all have high self-confidence. The capacity to be strong, assertive, and confident is a key skill needed by anybody who wishes to raise their profile and move to higher levels within the business.

It is a proven fact that your level of personal self-confidence will greatly impact your business success. This management communication and confidence conference is designed for all people who wish to boost their confidence and assertiveness to lead people more efficiently.

The higher you move up the organization, the more important it is to be seen as strong, confident, and assertive. This management communication and confidence conference is a crash course in building these key skills so that you progress upward within the organization.

Leadership Confidence Training: Cultivating an Impactful Presence:

Leadership confidence training aims to instill a sense of command and influence as part of leading with confidence, empowering managers to guide their teams through transformations and daily challenges with conviction. This management communication and confidence workshop addresses the essence of management confidence, aligning with change management communication conferences to demonstrate practical strategies for upholding decisive leadership in changing environments.

Participants will engage in a confidence-building workshop to fortify self-assurance and poise in professional environments. This management communication and confidence workshop to build self-confidence is integral to this program, allowing individuals to explore and improve their management confidence in a supportive setting. This building self-confidence seminar ensures that the investment in confidence-building training translates into tangible workplace enhancements.

Targeted Groups:

  • Managers.
  • Supervisors.
  • Team leaders.
  • Human Resources staff.
  • Also, the conference is suitable for all employees at all levels.

Workshop Objectives:

At the end of this management communication and confidence workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Speak to groups in a way that will inspire and motivate them.
  • Put their message across assertively in business meetings.
  • Get people to buy into their ideas.
  • Win around doubters and people who disagree.
  • Say NO when needed.
  • Speak with passion and confidence.
  • Spread confidence and credibility to those they work with.
  • See a dramatic increase in their level of self-confidence.

Targeted Competencies:

At the end of this management communication and confidence workshop, the target competencies will be able to:

  • Leadership as a strong leader.
  • Building a greater level of self-confidence.
  • Building a credible business image.
  • Communication skills.
  • Selling ideas.
  • Body language skills.

Communication Skills for Managers Training: A Core Focus:

Gaining proficiency in communication is essential for any manager looking to inspire and direct their team effectively. Through this management communication and confidence workshop, you will uncover the value of management communication training that equips leaders with the tools necessary for confident and clear interaction within professional settings. Techniques covered include a blend of confidence training for managers and team-building communication training, all designed to enhance your professional confidence training.

Conference Content:

Unit 1: Creating a Confident and Credible Image:

  • What does it mean to be strong, confident, and assertive?
  • Where does self-confidence come from?
  • The comfort zone and its impact on business success.
  • Dismissing the fear of speaking in public.
  • Self-perception and its impact on confidence.
  • How being confident can help you raise your profile.
  • Body language and its impact on credibility.
  • Dress and grooming (everything matters).

Unit 2: Confident Communication to Groups:

  • How do you run efficient and effective meetings?
  • How do you prepare for and structure a business presentation?
  • How do you get over the nerves of giving a business presentation?
  • Effective questioning skills.
  • Dealing with questions from senior leaders.
  • How to sell yourself, your organization, and your ideas?
  • Building rapport in business presentations.

Unit 3: Confident Communicating to Get Results:

  • The power of using stories to get messages across.
  • Using analogies effectively.
  • Using evidence to win people over to your way of thinking.
  • Increasing your power and charisma.
  • When to be strong and when to play weak.
  • Inclusive/exclusive language and its effect on people.

Unit 4: Communicating Passion:

  • The importance of passion.
  • Developing courage and confidence in conflict situations.
  • Beating your comfort zone and taking more risks.
  • How do you be fearless in speaking strongly in meetings and presentations?
  • Using our full range of communication.
  • Powerful closes that move people to action.
  • Become a magnetic personality.

Unit 5: Enhancing Your Profile Within the Business:

  • How do you conduct yourself to senior people?
  • How do we sell change to people who don’t want to change?
  • How do you sell unpopular policies to the team?
  • How to make yourself memorable?
  • Be a radiator, not a drain.
  • The speaking challenge.

The Best Professional Conferences, Workshops and Seminars
Leading with Confidence: Managing & Building Confidence through Communications Workshop (C)


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