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Internal Communications Masterclass Training Seminar


Effective internal communications help colleagues work to the best of their abilities and develop their skills, ensuring everyone is focused on achieving an organization's goals.

Organizations are only as good as their weakest link. Poor customer service could spoil the work of expensive advertising and marketing campaigns. Employees are also front-line ambassadors for organizations and should be nurtured as a powerful tool for recommendations and referrals.

A good internal communications strategy promotes well-being and productivity and makes people feel valued. Research shows that job satisfaction rather than financial reward is often a stronger motivation for loyalty.

This internal communications masterclass training teaches how to develop a dynamic corporate culture, manage change, and bring out the best in your employees.

Participants will engage in a masterclass on communication, exploring the nuances of effective staff communication training and the role of HR in refining these skills across the organization. This masterclass communication segment is tailored for seasoned professionals and novices eager to enhance their toolbox when articulating the organization's vision internally.

Professional Development for Communications Professionals

Effective internal communication is essential for any organization that aims to harness the full potential of its workforce. This internal communications masterclass seminar recognizes the importance of equipping professionals with the requisite skills. It aims to offer extensive training and insights into internal communications.

Throughout this internal communications masterclass seminar, participants will gain practical knowledge that solidifies their aptitude for employee communication training, thereby driving the collective effort toward organizational success.

With the growing need for internal communications certification, this masterclass is a pivotal step for professionals seeking credibility in the field. The internal communications seminar will be dedicated to understanding the pathways toward obtaining internal communications certification, equipping you with an esteemed credential that signifies your mastery over the key components of internal communication.

In conclusion, the internal communications seminar will focus on ongoing professional development for communications professionals. This segment seminar will provide insights into advanced strategies, employee communication training, and industry best practices to ensure continuous growth and effectiveness in internal communications.

Targeted Groups

  • HR Staff
  • Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders
  • All Employees Among All Departments and Levels

Conference Objectives

At the end of this internal communications conference, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand how workplace culture is developed, how to develop it, and how to put a value on it.
  • Understand the communication tools needed to create a "can do" attitude among colleagues.
  • Generate a universal willingness for the company or organization to succeed, especially by generating new ideas.
  • Provide better customer focus and service.
  • Develop tools and techniques for identifying resistance to change and managing it.

Targeted Competencies

At the end of this internal communications conference, the target competencies will be able to:

  • Communication skills.
  • Change management.
  • Performance management.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Self-confidence.

Conference Content

Unit 1: Assessing an Organisation's Culture

  • The role of internal communications.
  • Identifying an organization's culture – definitions and models.
  • Building a shared vision.
  • The internal communications audit.
  • Who sets the culture?
  • Objective setting.
  • Personal presentation exercise.

Unit 2: Understanding the Needs of Individuals

  • Internal communications strategy.
  • The relationship between Human Resources and Public Relations.
  • Resistance to change.
  • Understanding how individuals are affected by the change.
  • The role of managers in internal communications programs.
  • Personal presentation exercise.

Unit 3: Using the Full Range of Communications Tools

  • The tools for communication: from the notice board to Twitter.
  • Evaluation: how to measure success.
  • Internal communications action plan.
  • The power of brands.
  • Personal presentation exercise.

Unit 4: How to React in a Crisis

  • Managing internal communications in a crisis.
  • Choosing your crisis team.
  • The importance of leaders being visible.
  • Be honest and tell your colleagues first.
  • Personal presentation exercise.

Unit 5: Maintaining and Enhancing Performance Levels

  • Comprehensive performance assessment.
  • Boosting low morale.
  • Recognizing achievement.
  • Analysis of successful internal communications strategies.
  • How do the government and top companies manage messages?
  • Personal presentation exercise.

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Internal Communications Masterclass Training Seminar (C)


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