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Public Relations & Corporate Communications Training Conference


Public relations and corporate communications are at the heart of business performance. Modern methods, tools, and channels have significantly increased the speed at which communications can be experienced, from local to global. This international PR and corporate communications conference seeks to enhance professionals' public relations and corporate communications skills, emphasizing strategic and tactical approaches to managing a company's reputation and stakeholder engagement.

This public relations and corporate communications conference will serve as an intensive public relations workshop, strengthening competencies critical for PR professionals. Participants will learn from case studies, engage in interactive sessions, and collaborate with peers. This format will facilitate a deeper understanding of public relations and corporate communications and their integral role in the organization to propel business communication training for employees forward.

Embracing the Global Perspective

The content of this public relations and corporate communications conference aligns with international public relations conference standards, aiming to prepare delegates for the global stage. Join us for an opportunity to elevate your expertise in PR corporate communications and drive your organization's success on an international platform.

Participating in an international public relations and corporate communications conference provides invaluable opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and professional development within the industry. This global forum enables professionals to explore emerging trends, best practices, and innovative strategies that can enhance their corporate communication efforts.

By engaging with peers, experts, and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries, attendees can gain fresh insights, forge meaningful connections, and stay abreast of the latest developments shaping the field. Such conferences serve as catalysts for fostering collaboration, fostering innovation, and driving excellence in PR and corporate communications on a global scale.

Targeted Groups

  • Corporate Communications Practitioners and Managers.
  • Public Relations Officers and Managers.
  • Marketing Officers and Managers.
  • Digital and Social Media Specialists.
  • Internal Communications Practitioners.
  • Professionals Wanting to Improve Communications in Their Areas of Responsibility.

Conference Objectives

At the end of the public relations and corporate communications training conference, participants will be able to:

  • Set Corporate Affairs in a strategic, anticipatory, and practical context.
  • Develop an understanding of stakeholder programs for regular, focused communication.
  • Examine the development of Corporate Affairs tools.
  • Understand the development of strategy/plans/tactics and coordinate these.
  • Evaluate and use research.
  • Learn the tools and techniques required to manage reputation in a complex media environment.
  • Manage knowledge within the business for effective media management.
  • Shape external perceptions of their organization through first-class corporate internal communications.
  • Develop a strategic approach and a clear plan of action.

Targeted Competencies

By the end of the public relations and corporate communications training conference, target competencies will be able to:

  • Planning, organizing, and leading.
  • Controlling and evaluating.
  • Written communication.
  • Public speaking and media handling.
  • Building rapport.
  • Providing and receiving feedback.

Conference Content

Unit 1: The Power of Communication

  • Goal setting.
  • Corporate Affairs and Public Affairs approaches.
  • Corporate identity and image.
  • Corporate communications overview and strategy.
  • External reputation management Communication as a change agent.
  • Communication is a goal for all managers.

Unit 2: From the Inside Out: Crafting Consistent Messages

  • Internal communications.
  • Family and friends as stakeholders.
  • Measuring emotional capital.
  • Communications channels mapping and monitoring.
  • Setting internal communications goals.
  • New media for rapid interaction.
  • Champions, opinion formers, and incentivization.
  • The place of the company magazine/newsletter.
  • The multinational internal communications program.
  • Commitment from internal decision-makers.

Unit 3: Risks and Threats: Their Identification and Management

  • Single-issue politics.
  • Special interest groups.
  • Whistleblowers and the rules of disclosure.
  • External opinion formers.
  • Cause-related PR and core values.
  • Campaigns, their design and planning.
  • A crisis management toolkit.
  • Stakeholder interest inventories.
  • Opinion former networks.

Unit 4: Corporate Affairs/PR in the Corporate Mix

  • PR in the corporate communications workshop.
  • PR in the marketing mix.
  • Direct response PR.
  • Financial PR.
  • PR and strategy.
  • Brand PR.
  • Persuasion measurement techniques.
  • Integrating PR/Communications and marketing plans.
  • The art of leveraging.
  • Corporate affairs and customer relations.

Unit 5: Powerful and Persuasive Action Planning

  • Measurement of performance: bottom-line impact.
  • Translating strategy to tactics.
  • Horizons for PR and corporate affairs development.
  • Tools and Techniques summary: a tactical inventory.
  • Recruiting allies: a networking approach.
  • Justifying the plan and convincing top management.
  • Making the most of other disciplines to maximize results.
  • Individual and group consultancy.
  • Further sources of help and information.

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