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Measuring & Maximizing Training ROI Conference


Measuring and maximizing training ROI can have a strategic impact on an organization. Yet, many organizations need to learn or understand if they are receiving value for their investment in ROI training. This measuring and maximizing training ROI is designed to demonstrate that training has a strategic role and how organizations can obtain more excellent value from their investment in training, ensuring that they measure the ROI of training effectively.

As a participant, you will be immersed in the ROI workshop, where you will learn practical, hands-on techniques for ROI performance measurement. This in-depth exploration aims to prepare attendees for obtaining ROI certification, reflecting a comprehensive understanding of the best practices and principles discussed throughout the ROI conference.

Targeted Groups

  • Training Managers.
  • Training Coordinators.
  • Training Administrators.
  • Training Staff.
  • HR Managers.
  • HR Staff.

Understanding ROI in Training: A Key Conference Objective

A fundamental goal of this conference is to impart a robust understanding of what ROI in training entails. By the ROI conference conclusion, participants will be equipped to address questions like how you measure ROI on training. And comprehend the meaning of ROI training within their organizations. The intricacies of ROI measurement tools, techniques, and strategic applications will be explored thoroughly to enable informed decision-making and investment justification in employee development initiatives.

Conference Objectives

At the end of this measuring and maximizing training ROI conference, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the issues related to measuring and maximizing training return on investment at both a strategic and operating level.
  • Planned, organized, and delivered training programs and events relevant to and will contribute to attaining the organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Demonstrate and be able to make the business case for specific training programs and events and, therefore, be able to justify training-related expenditure.
  • Understand and be able to implement the techniques applicable to identifying and delivering relevant training needs.
  • Describe best practices concerning employee development and contribute to achieving a competitive edge by improving employee retention rates.
  • Monitor and review the effectiveness and impact of the training ‘spend’ and, as a result, be able to apply measures to training-related processes.

Targeted Competencies

At the end of this measuring and maximizing training ROI conference, the target competencies will be able to:

  • Learn how to set training investment at the strategic level and establish its contribution to achieving strategic organizational objectives.
  • Ensure that proposed training programs are relevant and that the business case is made for the planned expenditure.
  • Learn techniques to monitor the impact of training in the workplace.
  • Learning techniques to identify future training needs at the strategic, operating, and individual levels.
  • Establish that the maximum return on the training investment has been achieved.

Conference Content

Unit 1: An Overview of the Strategic Role of Training

  • The strategic context of training.
  • Understand the business case for training investment.
  • Learn the principles of effective employee development.
  • Training models and approaches.
  • Establish training needs.
  • Evaluate training.
  • Establish appropriate processes for measuring training return on investment (ROI).
  • Know the role of senior managers, HR professionals, and line managers in measuring and maximizing the training ROI.

Unit 2: Aligning Training to Business Objectives—Maximizing Training ROI

  • The organizational context.
  • Learn about the business strategy: the need for long-term planning for future skills and competencies and identifying skills gaps.
  • Identify the training need.
  • Align training with business needs.
  • Planning training.
  • Deliver effective training.
  • Maximize training ROI.

Unit 3: Methods of Measuring Training Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Understand the arguments for and against measuring the cost and effectiveness of training.
  • Make the business case.
  • What and how to measure.
  • Identify the appropriate success criteria.
  • Measure the effectiveness of training.
  • Forecasting costs.
  • Forecasting benefits.
  • Calculate the training ROI.

Unit 4: Strategic Management of the Training Process

  • Identify the appropriate approach to training.
  • Learn about The roles and responsibilities of senior managers, HR professionals, line managers, and employees.
  • Establish training objectives at the strategic level.
  • Identify training objectives at the operating and individual levels.
  • Maximize ROI—preparing training budgets.
  • Plan and Implement training.
  • Internal or external training provision.
  • Determine how training will be evaluated.

Unit 5: Evaluating Training Impact and Efficacy

  • Evaluation models and approaches.
  • Purpose of evaluation.
  • Some myths about evaluation.
  • Levels of evaluation.
  • Evaluation methodologies.
  • Link evaluation to training ROI.
  • Personal development planning.

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