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Communication & Interpersonal Skills: Leadership through Self-Mastery


Self-mastery, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills are not achieved by accident - it is a process that occurs as we interact effectively with the events and circumstances of our lives. Each moment of our lives allows us to practice self-mastery, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills by expanding our visions, awakening the faculties of our minds and hearts, and assuming full responsibility for living, growing, and contributing.

As we master our emotions, we can enhance our ability to lead others, acting as a role model and someone others genuinely wish to follow. Through this leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills program, you will learn a great deal about yourself, how you think, how you perceive the world and how others perceive you, how you communicate, and how you can enrich your communication skills and through that process, you will learn how to lead others with great skill.

Enhancing Interpersonal Leadership Skills

In this dedicated segment, participants will immerse themselves in a comprehensive interpersonal skills training designed specifically for managers and leaders. This interpersonal leadership skills workshop is an integral part of the program, leveraging interpersonal communication skills training and advanced techniques to fortify the leadership communication training.

Upon completion, attendees in the leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills seminar will be poised to receive an interpersonal skills certificate, a testament to their commitment to practical communication training for leaders and mastery of leadership interpersonal skills. This hands-on experience is curated to enhance the practical application of leadership principles in various workplace scenarios, fostering an environment where employee interpersonal skills training thrives alongside management development.

Targeted Groups

  • Managers at all managerial levels.
  • Supervisors.
  • Team leaders.
  • Also, the leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills conference suits all staff at all levels or departments.

Conference Objectives

At the end of this leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills conference, the participants will be able to:

  • Study effective management of our thoughts, beliefs, focus, and actions.
  • Understand the impact of our values on our actions.
  • Consider how to build confidence, enthusiasm, and courage.
  • Explore methods of improving communication.
  • Examine how to enhance personal leadership skills.
  • Analyze the public face of the leader.
  • Focus on valuable goals.
  • Increase the ability to achieve success.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Enhance leadership skills.

Targeted Competencies

At the end of this leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills conference, the participants will be able to:

  • Leadership skills.
  • Personal integrity.
  • Communication skills.
  • Influencing abilities.

Conference Content

Unit 1: Self-Mastery, Reality, and Responsibility

  • Taking charge of your brain.
  • Reaching success based on your paradigm.
  • Understanding the emotional loop.
  • Gaining power and freedom by taking responsibility.
  • Analyzing the power of beliefs.
  • Utilizing emotion to drive action.
  • Directing your focus.
  • Understanding visual, auditory, and kinesthetic submodalities.

Unit 2: Vision and Integrity

  • Analyzing the impact of values on your vision.
  • Understanding how your values impact your purpose.
  • Designing your destiny with the power of vision.
  • Creating a powerful vision.
  • Operating with personal integrity.
  • Achieving positive self-renewal.
  • Building self-confidence.
  • Harnessing the power of enthusiasm.
  • Strengthening your courage.

Unit 3: Advanced Communication Skills

  • Communicating with intention.
  • Breaking negative patterns.
  • Understanding the communication process.
  • Creating effective oral communication.
  • Understanding the relationship between verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Utilizing active listening techniques.
  • Dealing with communication difficulties.
  • Analyzing communication styles: aggressive, passive, and assertive.

Unit 4: Leadership

  • Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence.
  • Developing self-awareness, motivation, empathy, and social skills.
  • Moving to a new model of empowerment.
  • Recognizing 21st-century leadership skills.
  • Interpreting institutional and interactive leadership.
  • Comprehending the difference between leadership and management.
  • Utilizing effective situational leadership.
  • Learning the 4 Es of leadership at GE: energy, excite, edge, and execute.
  • Evaluating the Leadership Secrets of Jack Welch.
  • Investigating theories of motivation.

Unit 5: The Public Face of the Mature Leader

  • Making successful presentations.
  • Influencing through appeal to the achievement of a vision.
  • Influencing through the utilization of logic.
  • Influencing through a genuine people orientation.
  • Displaying personal power in communications.
  • Overcoming the failure mechanism.
  • Running productive meetings.

The Best Professional Conferences, Workshops and Seminars
Communication & Interpersonal Skills: Leadership through Self-Mastery (C)


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