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Safe Elevation: Scaffolding, Rigging & Lifting Best Practices for Handling & Supervision


This safe elevation with best practice in scaffolding and rigging course is designed for those individuals who are required to engage in scaffolding, rigging, and lifting activities or for supervisors who oversee these operations.

The safe elevation with best practices in scaffolding and rigging course material will confidently empower participants as they become acquainted with methodologies and safe work systems employed globally in similar industries. Mastery of these competencies confirms their credibility and ability to execute or supervise scaffolding operations with authority.

Upon completing this safe elevation with best practice in scaffolding and rigging course, attendees will possess a scaffolding certificate backing their proficiencies in scaffolding operations, rigging, and lifting. This scaffolding certification course prepares participants to conduct their roles with an elevated standard of excellence.

Elevator Scaffolding Applications

In this safe elevation in scaffolding and rigging course, we delve into the elevator scaffolding variant, highlighting its functionality and role in the efficient vertical transportation of materials and personnel. Understanding the operation and safety protocols for scaffolding elevators is key, and this module comprehensively covers these aspects. Prospective scaffolding operators receive guidance on maintaining safe scaffolding practices while using elevator scaffolding to elevate materials and workers.

Those aiming for a scaffolding safety certificate will find this module especially relevant. The safe elevation in the scaffolding and rigging course outlines the scaffolding certification requirements. The course offers an overview of a certified scaffolding training process. Attendees will learn how to meet the scaffolding training requirements and have an opportunity to earn a scaffolding training certificate that reinforces the pivotal principles of scaffolding safety training.

Targeted Groups

  • Team Leaders.
  • Managers.
  • Project Managers.
  • Control Center Operators and Supervisors.
  • Emergency Dispatchers.
  • Security Personnel and CCTV Operators.
  • HSE Management and Personnel.
  • Emergency Response Team Members.

Course Objectives

By the conclusion of this safe elevation with best practice in scaffolding and rigging training, participants will:

  • Comprehend the principles of force distribution on loads.
  • Determine the center of gravity and devise effective rigging points and strategies.
  • Choose and utilize the proper rigging materials, apparatus, and equipment.
  • Understand the nuances of communication codes and signaling.
  • Identification and application of scaffold fittings and lifting gear.
  • Recognize the typical causes behind scaffolding collapses.

Targeted Competencies

Upon the end of this safe elevation with best practice in scaffolding and rigging course, the target competencies will be able to:

  • Adherence to procedures, equipment inspection, and safety protocols.
  • Understanding legal stipulations and obligations.
  • Familiarity with scaffolding, rigging, and lifting lexicon.
  • Conducting thorough inspections of scaffolding and lifting devices.
  • Documentation procedures for gear inspections.
  • The Scafftag system and its practical applications.
  • Fundamental safety prerequisites.

Course Content

Unit 1: Introduction to Course

  • Legal stipulations.
  • Identification and application of scaffold fittings.
  • Lifting tackles identification and usage.
  • Scaffolding terminology.
  • Rigging and lifting vocabulary.
  • Inspection processes for scaffolding.
  • Examination of lifting machinery.

Unit 2: Varieties of Scaffolding in Application

  • Scaffolding categorizations.
  • Tube and fitting structures.
  • Video presentation.
  • Kwikstage systems.
  • Cuplock scaffolding.
  • Framing solutions.
  • Visual presentations detailing each scaffolding type.

Unit 3: Scaffolding Inspections

  • Procedures for mobile scaffolding.
  • Working platform specifics.
  • Structural integrity analysis.
  • Video demonstrations of proper inspection techniques.
  • Documentation practices for scaffolding inspections.
  • Implementation of the Scafftag system.

Unit 4: Working Safely on Scaffolding

  • Analysis of common causes for scaffolding failures.
  • Proper harness usage during the erection of scaffolding.
  • Overview and implications of the SG4:05 regulations and their amendments.
  • Video presentation tutorials.
  • Harness inspection standards.
  • Selection process and inspection criteria for appropriate lifting tackle.

Unit 5: Rigging and Lifting Essentials

  • Correct techniques for attachment and alignment of loads with lifting appliances.
  • Methodologies for estimating load weights.
  • Video presentation.
  • Visual aids for clarifying correct signal use and directives for crane operations.
  • Procedures for safe lifting, transit, and lowering of loads.
  • An interactive questionnaire to reinforce learning outcomes.

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Safe Elevation: Scaffolding, Rigging & Lifting Best Practices for Handling & Supervision (HS)


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